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Light-bulbZynga's response to too many quests at once

by Anitria Blake-Cafew - Feb 17, 2013 Star_s982 views

Anita: OAN, I have a lot of people who are quitting the game and on many forums upset because of all the quests coming at one time and not getting a response from anyone concerning this. Is there going to be some kind of announcement that Zynga will make to its gamers about that. I myself love the challenge they bring, but suffers from losing neighbors.
Clarice M.: In an effort to keep ChefVille fun and challenging new goals and events are introduced almost daily. We understand completing all challenges in the available time can sometimes feel overwhelming or impossible. There will never be a penalty for choosing to skip a goal or mission. Additionally, no user will be prevented from making forward game progress because they were unable to finish a goal before the timer ran out. I have recorded this incident as feedback regarding the difficulty of goals. We will use your comments to create a better balance for future timed goals and events. My recommendation is to play the game at your own pace. :)
Anita: I try to tell them the same thing in the forums. But they also say space becomes limited with having to get all the new stoves or materials needed. I think they really want to play but as you said become overwhelmed. Only the untimed goals should concern you cause those are the ones that help you unlock areas to expand. Am I telling them right?
Clarice M.: All the areas that needs to expand is not part of the timed quest, Chef so no worries. It's just that that are quest that is related to the areas before you can unlock it.
Anita: Could you also recommend they not make us waste energy on opening stuff? At least not 3. 1 would be fine. lol
Clarice M.: Surely, Chef ;)
Anita: You have been most helpful as you all have been. I am very pleased with the support here. I will take the survey. Thanks again and have a great day/evening.
Clarice M.: Anytime for you, Chef. Have a great day and happy cooking!
Clarice M.: Thanks for contacting us! Be sure to contact us again in the future if you have any problems.
Clarice M.: To get a transcript of our chat, click the envelope icon and enter your email address.

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12-em-plus add reply

the same here...i started to ignore all the quests and all of them expiring very quick and what is most annoying is that most of them want me to purchase and build new items, first of all theres no space anymore, all filled up with boxes and cant build everything in once coz they need parts that only people can give u but unfortunately no all have thousands of neighbours!! i just decided to ignore all the quests coz its frustrating and really ridiculous, how do u expect people to finish them all in once??? i presume would be smart if Zynga just really slow down with that, coz if so many people complain perhaps its time to think about it!!!!


@Ioanna, so sorry for the late response. I clicked on the chat live link on the customer service page. Get to that page just as Sandra said. I see they also have held back on some of the releases to certain ppl because of the complaints about too many quests. I don't know how they decide who to hold them back from though.


There are so many quests I can spend an hour just opening them to see what needs to be completed :/. I have found that there are quests expiring that I didn't even know was there.


Bottom line is that they are trying to money, and they think that by throwing quests at you, you'll want to spend money to complete them all. The problem is they are frustrating a lot of players who just give up and move on. Furthermore, the quests are crap in my opinion, because why would you spend money just to get some XP for a prize, some inventory (that you may lose anyway if you're maxed), and decorations that you can't store because of the very limited storage and you can't put out because space is limited. Just bad design all around.


sandra thanks a lot for the reply. the thing is that i already tried zynga support and the email button is nowhere to be found. i dont know whats going on but i cant see such a button. Uh its soooo frustrating! dont know what im gonna do, but thanks anyway :P


When you open your game, at the top, there is a section that says help. Click that and then click on the button that says customer service. It will take you to the zynga website. If you scroll down a little on the right there is a button that says email us.


Anita could you please tell me exacty how you contacted with zynga? I cant see my inbox box and i cant send requests. I tried to find an email but i couldn't. its been two days now!


play daily-need neighbors

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