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Light-bulb2 of each animals

by Susan Vacca Hutchins - Mar 30, 2010 Star_s1,676 views

how do i get 2 of each im not able to level up cant seem to get 2 of each animal

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12-em-plus add reply

I was stuck on that Achievement for a long time... Like 2 weeks... The game finally passed that achievement up... It's not crossed out on my achievements page, but the text is gray like it has been achieved... So if you're having problems just keep playing and try to find the animals you need in your feed, and keep getting XP points... i'm sure that achievement will do the same thing mine did... Simply go away.


can someone tell me how to get things on zoo world


ask friends or go to feed, adopt from friends that found a lost animal , or go to the help buttonon the top and in the lower left han corner you can talk to others and add friends to be zoo keepers or mates


help i need a Donkey


You gotta buy them, or get them from you feed when friends post them..
What do you need??
goto the zoo add me page on facebook, plenty of people there and you'll get all your animals quickly enough


You either need to buy them, or you need to collect them from your feed. You don't need 2 of each that they offer, just 2 of each that you have already (excluding ultra rares)

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