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Question-whiteLand Expansions - I am maxed out!

by Elizabeth Foster - Feb 20, 2013 Star_s1,299 views

When will Fmv2 add more land? I have all the land that is available but would love to expand even more.

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12-em-plus add reply

I am at Level 60 and have more then 250.000 xp's and still the last piece of land on top of the corner right is not available. I read on social planet that there are plans for land expansion right side of the little river I also read the quests which are in need for that. But nothing happened until now.

What I do not understand are these many complains in spending real money. Zynga is a company which has of course making money in order to develop. If all would be free how should Zynga exists ? I am spending from time to time 10 bucks, I also use some of the special offers to buy something I need in online shops and get in returm farm bucks (per example for Valentines Day I got 50 farm bucks in ordering a flower bouquet, which I would have ordered anyway).

It is a game and it should stay a game, not a competition. There is no first place or last. It should be fun and nobody has to spend real money if they do not want to.


One way to gain back some of your land that is in use is to put your prized chicken coop, goat shelter, and sheep shack in your storage and then pull them out to harvest them before putting them back into storage. The time will still count up on them when they are there.


How do you guys make enough coins to buy all this land? I'm level 37 and still have not bought the expansion with the tire swing. My farm is all pack and I could use tips on gaining coins without buying them. Thanks!


Lois Reynolds squash soup requires 15 squash and 25 milk there is a thread on here that has all the recipees and what they need


Can someone tell me what i need to make squash soup i am close to level 38 and need to make 30 soup to expand, if possible i want to start gathering the stuff i need now. I have 400 squash already.


60 is the top level right now


Me too- Sure would love another expansion. What is the top level you can reach right now?

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