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Question-whitehow do you beat level 42.?

by Kimberly Miller - Feb 20, 2013 Star_s59,629 views

I'm stuck and can't beat level 42....I try and do bigger blocks of color to try and get the points wihch I can sometimes get but not save the pets...sighs maybe there is something to do ...a stradegy I'm not thining of?

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12-em-plus add reply

The problem Miller mentions is a reality. Points is a problem in pet rescue 42. But the only technique to get them is by clearing large cluster of blocks. Practically you need the rockets to relase the pets in the right of the screen, because the other can be release using the bombs.

Watch our stratey here:


Is the mobile app different because mine has the gray blocks too.


My level 42 is like what Judy described, I have saved enough pets but I can not get enough points, any suggestions.


My level 42 is way different. It has solid gray boxes at the bottom (under pets) that can be broken only by bomb or rocket. I get all but one pet and more than enough points, but always have one pet that I cannot free.

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