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Question-whiteI Can't get past the bridge after Level 27, Can't get friends! Help!!

by Fiona Walker - Feb 20, 2013 Star_s24,017 views

So I finally finished Level 27, thanks to this (or a similar) forum..... HOWEVER. Now I need to cross that bridge, literally, and yet when I fill in my 3xFriend request my Facebook doesn't show any requests as having been put out. I know at least one of the friends I've ticked is always on Pet Rescue so would have responded.............. how do I get over this problem?

(subsidiary question - at what point to I get the chance to buy boosts with my Pet Rescue coin tally?)

Thanks anyone. Fiona

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12-em-plus add reply

You need to resend the requests until the pass, the seem to get easily jammed these days. :O

You can already purchase Block Busters Boosters with your coins, all the other boosters have to be purchased with real money.

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