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Light-bulbTotal system crash with Coasterville ONLY- Flash player

by Tatianna Katsaris - Feb 20, 2013 Star_s719 views

For days, my Coasterville continually crashed over and over and over.. ripping me off of that orange bus quest as it always triggered the crash.. ANYTHING almost triggered it.. NOW, it's totally down.. has been down since around 6am this morning after the adobe flash crash.. NOTHING.. Completely gone.. Anyone else having this issue??

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12-em-plus add reply

I have cleaned, cleared and repaired everything I can to prevent this from happening and it still crashes. I can't collect any inspiration because whenever I visit a neighbor it crashes. Zynga is going to lose a valuable customer if something is not done.


This problem made me stop playing castleville. Now same happens with coasterville. I can't do almost anything without crashing over and over again.


mine crashes when ever I try to post or expand anything really it crashes with any sudden movement now that i think of it ha I am burning out onthis it has been going on for about 4 days its sad cus I really was likeing the game


i have had trouble with mine for 3 days now it wont let me collect anything it wont even let me acess help to report the problem


r u using chrome?


I am having the same problem. My shock wave plug in keeps crashing!

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