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Question-whiteUseless Kitchen Equipment....Ingredients Not Being Released.....

by Traci Fannin-Poole - Feb 21, 2013 Star_s331 views

So, the alfredo sauce needs heavy way to unlock it....well, unless you want to buy it....not today.....

Why not have a salt block or something to get salt....some peeps shops takes up so much time to load, it makes me wanna delete that player.....

Old kitchen equipment cannot be know, like the broiler? I wanna store it....but it tells me I cant...well, its taking up space....

Cranberries should be yeah, cannot be stored nor can it be sold....

Come one Dudes....the quests? If I were Wonder Woman I could do all of them but a gazillion quests for only a few days and so many levels...with little time? Really?

That's why I quit Castleville....and now Chefville is reminding me of Castleville....just a different time period.....

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12-em-plus add reply

All of your gripes have been made by many players. It just got worse. Like Clare says just do the quest you want or can do. I learned that if you go crazy trying to finish them. you will find out at the end that it wasn't worth it (ie; you get 2 salt, but you used 10 to finish). If there is something you really need for the restaurant, it won't come in a timed quest. Alot of times at the end you get some silly decoration that you don't have room for anyway. Just play, have fun and don't sweat it. Also don't pay. It is not worth it.


They told me on live chat they do not intend for us to be able to finish every quest. Just pick the ones with rewards that you want. Some just aren't worth it to me and I never care about decorations. I have no where to put them anyway. People on this game and Cafe World get way too bent over all the quests. Simply pick the ones you want to do and feel you can complete in time. It's not the end of the world if you don't finish and it does not affect your game at all. You aren't missing out on anything needed.

The stoves for ribbons, whether or not I finished the quest, I always max out each recipe and others do too before I store them. This uses up the ginger, blueberries, etc. too. You can probably sell them (stoves) but I keep them just in case they ever bring them back.

I know that we are soon going to upgrade our milk thing to a market so maybe then we'll have cream we need for the alfredo. I only cooked it however many times the quest told me to. I know I had it drop from doing another quest and that is usually the case on those missing ingredients. Just work on something else first and then you'll get what you need. I try not to max out on things like that because you know they will eventually give us something that supplies the ingredient and will just have to cook them again. So I don't even try to master those types of dishes. If it's not on a quest to cook, I generally don't unless I am close to a mastery star on something. Like the sushi... I have a long way to go on that with only 28 stars because I did not complete the sushi quests. There is always plenty of other things to do and get mastery stars from.

It's a great game. Just have fun with it and don't get frustrated with it.


Alfredo sauce is something I used once, out of luck, I got it as a reward.

We are all hoping for salt and lots of players are asking for it on the official Chefville forum, so fingers crossed.

I store as much as I can, I just have to sell some of the decorations I like. ;( The broiler will be upgraded, at some point. I have mine in storage. Not sure why yours isn't going in.

I have a ton of ginger--every so often someone is kind and picks some.

I look at the guides and figure out what is worth it and what is not. I have put trying to get mastery stars first, the other rewards 2nd. I

All the 'villes' will eventually be the same, i think. Must fit the dev mode of making sure the game is so full of stuff to do, that we either focus on one game or give up.


add pioneer trail in the list of impossible games!!!!

but what gets me more in chefville is all the closed areas around that we can not open up.... not fair....
I have actually written to zynga about this, but nothing!!!!


I know the feeling my biggest gripe is why cant they just upgrade the kitchen equipment instead of making so many new ones its ridiculous!! I am so short of space!!

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