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Light-bulbI see lots of people with their Criminal Case pic as their profile pic for facebook, Can someone tell me how t

by Linda Abbott-Parsons - Feb 23, 2013 Star_s2,874 views

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12-em-plus add reply

You can screen picture from the game where your character is big.
open the screen shot in paint program , and u corp as u like for fb profile pic,than save it as..u like
than upload it from your facebook, edit profile picture as any other picture.


I have Google Chrome So I got the Button, and I crop that little pic right out and place it where I want it. I figured it out. Love it too.


I'm not sure if your asking how to get your C.C picture... If so, go to where you customize your character which is the tshirt where the map (main page) is. Then you just print screen it (pc) or screen shot (mac). Hope it answered your question :)

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