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4 Level 36 180 people
5 Level 206 170 people

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Light-bulblevel 33 please help

by Kate Ford - Feb 23, 2013 Star_s4,185 views

I have used/lost all my keys, cant even get started on level without 1... please help

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Help, I'm Stuck!

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12-em-plus add reply

I have to keep refreshing to get the key, can't just continue.


You need only one Master Key at Level 33 and that one should always be given to you in the beginning. If it isn't, there is a clear bug in the game, you can contact me at Facebook if you need help filing a bug report to king.com. 


You don't need extra keys. The level has whatever you need to complete it. Just get a look in our strategy!


you refresh your game by re-loading it


So I'm on level 33 and I'm not getting the master key at all Need to know how to refresh it to get one


i get one key in the beginning of the session. i lose the game, when i continue it says i have to buy another key.


i've used all my keys, will it give me more? if not it wont let me past the beginning of the game.

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