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Question-whiteCannot find the Gamers Unite! Snag Bar 1.300.434 for Firefox that I downloaded yesterday?

by Betsy Zeiler - Feb 25, 2013 Star_s433 views

I downloaded the Gamers Unite! Snag Bar 1.300.434 for Firefox on my sisters computer yesterday which I found on the Internet & today I cannot find the same site again at all to download onto my computer.

Could you please help me with this problem so I can download the Gamers Unite! Snag Bar 1.300.434 onto my computer please?

Thank you in advance for your time & I look forward to your response!

Kind regards

Betsy Zeiler

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12-em-plus add reply

Yes I agree with alan, just type in gamers unite snag bar in your browser and it will take you right to the link. I will say I have tried it on fire fox and did not have good luck. I kept freezing. I find it works best with Google chrome. this is the link to get the snag bar. Good luck happy gaming. please add me if you play chefville 2 and farmville2. I do play other games as well.

Marla :)


I'm not sure what you are referring to, as you are on the site that carries the Snag Bar. Simply click the "Get the Snag Bar" link in the top left corner of this page (it's also on every page on GU!). If you downloaded the Snag Bar from any place else, then you have been scammed.

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