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Light-bulbJade totem required

by Albin Joseph - Feb 26, 2013 Star_s146 views

i need links for jade totem or how can i get them.... i would have toured more than 20 times but i havnt got any jade totem...

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12-em-plus add reply

you need more friends who also run adventurers tours... and make sure they click "share" after they unload their bus (which will post a link that will allow you to also get the relic that they receive), and of course, make sure your gamers unite toolbar is running. Alternatively you can try the Link Exchange, and hope that people are posting their relics... that said, I typically run 3-4 buses per day, and I only complete the set once every couple of weeks, and that with me having friends who are also doing adventurers tours. (it's really nice to log in, in the morning and find that the Parachute Jump is complete, because one of my friends ran a tour, shared the link and my tool bar picked it up)


Same problem. I've done innumerable tours and still need three of them.

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