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Question-whitehow to rank up in this game ??

by Marie Adel Alphonse - Feb 26, 2013 Star_s18,559 views

I'm still a detective & i dont know how to rank up...any ideas ?? answer please

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inspector :)


my rank is captain right now


Level 05 - Promoted to Deputy
Level 12 - Promoted to Detective
Level 20 - Promoted to Corporal
Level 32 - Promoted to Sergeant
Level 45 - Promoted to Lieutenant
Level 60 - Promoted to Captain
Level 75 - Promoted to Major
Level 100 - Promoted to Inspector
Level 125 - Promoted to Lead Inspector
Level 150 - Promoted to Commander
Level 175 - Promoted to Deputy Chief
Level 200 - Promoted to Commissioner
Level 250 - Promoted to Sheriff
Level 300 - Promoted to Ranger


Anuja pls add me in CS


Level 5 – Deputy
Level 12 – Detective
Level 20 – Corporal
Level 32 – Sergeant
Level 45 – Lieutenant
Level 60 – Captain
Level 75 – Major
Level 90 - Colonel
Level 115 - General


just level up and it will do it naturally


I got the next rank at level 6 and the next one at level 12


what to do exactly I don't understand...

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