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Light-bulbGetting old animals?

by William Walker - Feb 26, 2013 Star_s333 views

Is there a way to get the old animals that FV2 offered at one time? Like the turkeys, peacocks, and etc?

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You can have mine too. They are relatively worthless and take up space. The only solution is to have them take up feed and prize the blighters out and store their stupid little butts. I FINALLY threw my darn reindeer into the root cellar. If there is ever a need for antlers I MAY let him return... but probably not. Just feeding him drove me nuts... made a noise that sounded like a smurf being hit by a car! (I admit that I have kept my starving peacock... just because he is pretty. But I never feed the danged thing and quarantined him in a remote corner of my farm!)

Oh... and PLEASE take my winter clydesdale! That monstrosity is huge, rather ugly, eats WAY too much, and cannot hold a candle to my pretty little black arabians for shoe and fertilizer turnout!

I also have 2 baby highland cows and a baby manx sheep in "the pit" you can have. I refuse to take up animal count space or bottles on them. Just not worth it... and cows that look like chewbacca was drunk and beer-googling the animals on my farm one night just do not appeal to me!


You can have my peacock, he is mean.


Yes .. there is. With Cheat Engine.

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