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Light-bulbHow do you cash in coins for boosters???

by Naomi Wolfe Zingraf - Feb 27, 2013 Star_s43,119 views

I have coins 10,000+ but I don't know how to purchase boosters with it. Whenever I click the coins it brings to to the page to purchase fb credits on my credit card. Help!! I need the stupid keys..

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Buy the Pet Rescue Saga boosters before you enter a level


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When you click on the level you are entering, another page comes up that shows the different boosters. At the bottom of the page, it says "Play". Click on the hammer picture, and you can use your coins to buy some.


Ok, can someone tell me what to click on to buy block busters with my coins?


I need coiins!! Eu preciso de mooedas!!!


You can't purchase the keys with coins, only the Block Busters are available for coins.


Same here... the only booster I can buy with coins is the Block Buster. For everything else I need FB credits.


me too all i seam to get is that you have to use fb credits dont see the point of coins if u cant buy boosters with them

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