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Light-bulbAll you need to know about basic animal husbandry in FV2!

by Robyn Barcomb - Feb 27, 2013 Star_s489 views

Here are the basics that you really need to know about the animals on your farm:

There are three "ages" of animals on your farm. Adults are animals that have little piles of feed in their thought bubbles. The prized animals have ribbons, the babies have bottles. You can also hover over an animal and it will tell you the title of the animal in the information box that pops up. Zynga sees these as three VERY different entities. If a quest asks for you to feed 3 ADULT sheep... babies and prized animals will not count.

Each specific type and species of animal requires a set number of baby bottles to become an adult and then a set number of feedings will make it level up to a prized animal. How much feed an animal requires each time depends on the type and species. Babies give no goods. Adults and prized animals give different goods that depend on type and species as to the quantity and item that is "harvested". Only adult animals give you a chance at fertilizer being dropped and of fertilizer being produced by the new bin.

Additional type specific goods can also be gotten from the various ADULT animal buildings. The hen house gives regular (white) eggs and also special eggs that are collected (not for sale) and will gift you a polish chicken (which give red eggs) when you complete the set. The creamery gives yogurt from collecting milk droplets when you feed dairy animals (goats and cows) and special collectable (not for sale) yogurts that will gift you a highland cow the same way. The spinning wheel collects wool (from sheep and rabbits) and will gift you a manx sheep that makes special brown wool.

There are currently 3 PRIZED animal buildings available right now that can actually STORE animals while making use of them. The sheep shack holds up to 6 sheep (duh! LOL) and gives you fine fleeces from the sheep... but also special golden fleeces for crafting (workshop). The chicken coop holds a total of 9 (you guessed it) moose... um... no... CHICKENS! It gives the brown eggs that they normally lay... no bonus products at this time. The goat house (I will not insult your intelligence) gives goat cheese and accomodates 12 goats. Each of these buildings will hold animals of any race, creed, or color... as long as it is the right type and is prized. None of the animals in these buildings count toward your farm population and it requires half the amount of feed as it would if you fed each of them seperately. You can LEGALLY have 1 of each of these buildings.

Currently, no matter how high of a level you may be... the bar is set at 45 total animals (remember that the stored prized ones do not count here) if you have all the troughs available and are playing by the rules. This population total includes babies, adults, and free-roaming prized animals. Each trough you have allows you more animals. You can only LEGALLY have 4 regular troughs and build a shady trough for a total of 5 actual troughs.The standard troughs can all be bought with coins as you level up... or you can purchase them with FarmBucks if you are the rich and impatient type. Additional prized animals can be stored in your inventory with the "root cellar" tool (in tools menu). Babies that are gifted/won and have NEVER been placed on the farm can also be stored... simply click cancel when it is telling you to place it on your farm.

(Alan - you may wish to edit this if I forgot anything and make it a sticky or something)

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12-em-plus add reply

Wow... this is odd as heck! Perhaps we need to start a new thread and start a bit of a survey. How can it be so completely uneven? And it can't have to do with level... as I am only level 33 and can have more than Sylvvia who is level 38. I think this warrants more investigation. >:/


I can have only 3 sheep in my sheep shack, why? I'm at level 38, nearly 39


Ummm... ok. I just double checked. My goat shed does indeed hold 12, so I have edited that. BUT... my sheep shack only holds 6. I have 4/6 in it right now. Anyone else seeing different numbers on the sheep structure?


Prized chicken coop: 9 chicken
Goat shelter: 12 prized goats
Sheep shack:9 prized sheep

Its good to know that if you want a higher production of premium goods, some of the rarer or more expensive animals give out a higher amout of them. For example the old teddy sheep i had in strage for a while now gives 2 fleece rather then the normal 1. The polish laced chicken gives 2 brown eggs etc...


What I would like to also add, is that when you visit a neighbor's farm, it does that person, nor you, any good at all to click on a baby animal. You and the neighbor will only get 5 coins and no chance of getting any consumables such as wool, milk, eggs, etc. Great thread! :)


There are a lot of hints throughout this site than can help you further. You may wish to look up a specific type of animal or problem with the search function. You can also find info on the "animal mastery" function, fence dilemmas (good luck, bro!), and other glitches that are problematic or that you can exploit (if you are the type that likes to do such things).

I will try and update this thread as more prized buildings are released (we are expecting one for each type of animal... so we need rabbits, horses, and cows still at present.) Zynga has also finally posted a press release that says that pigs are heading our way (the pic is kinda cute... many of us have really been looking forward to them!).

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