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Light-bulbcodes are promos on facebook.

by Thomas Fradette - Feb 28, 2013 Star_s1,298 views

Collect from links on FB page.

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12-em-plus add reply

i just read ur reply an sorry ta say i'm not having a problem yet,i don't use those scam sites n ur right u never get ur chips lol, people sending them to me as posts i just lol while i delete em!! i keep checking back on my post for a week or so always interested in whats going on at ddc


Thanks for the info Thomas but, which page on FB? Do you have a (or the) link?
I searched and all I found was spam. The DD links requested I fill out surveys (I won't do that) They get my preferences for their sponsors marketing needs. Those surveys 'tag’ my computer, in the process building saleable addresses or lists, and still they send you in circles (prior experience). They leave me with the word 'Sucker’ written on my forehead. Eventually I leave empty handed with my head held low. I don’t want this to happen to others. I won’t be played for a sucker.
My next step will be to see if your page (Thomas) takes me in the right direction-hope it does. If so I will pass it on so you will get the ‘likes’.
The management at DD must be laughing at all of us (I doubt just me) scramble learning how to get around this new procedure. Their New SOP.
I for one, don't want them laughing at anyone!!! I want them to be the one’s scrambling. GMAN was doing a great job for us on that front(Thank you btw). I know he is having the same problem, at least I think so.
I hope NO one gets frustrated and buys chips. Thats what DD is counting on; if that happens - they won.
DD is reading this and already anticipating our & their next tactical move.
GMAN, are you getting any of this? Are you on it? Are you out there

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