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Question-whiteCurios wheter snagger keeps clicking past 50 in PT

by David Paul Poulsen - Mar 02, 2013 Star_s393 views

I've noticed the snagger stops at 50 for PT, and I'm aware you can only grab 50 bonuses, but does it continue clicking stuff to help out my fellow struggling neighbors or not ?

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12-em-plus add reply

i have mine set on stop at 5000 and it snags around 500 a night but if i stop it then restart it it wont grab any more


It continues snagging however the comments will not show after the 50. The same thing actually applies if you collect the gifts manually as well.


mine stops after 50, I checked it again last night


you also have an extra 30 freebies everyday. Things like neighbors mission completion bonuses they share, free drinks from the saloon, xp, coins, etc


yes it does.... I use it under my son's name and I always get my requests back from him even after the 50

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