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Question-whiteGetting trees out of the Grove

by Gwendolyn Shaver - Mar 02, 2013 Star_s3,282 views

I want to change my trees out that I have in the Grove.... How the heck do I get the 4 I have in out?

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Also, you can NOT remove trees from your Grove if you have watered them. You will have to wait to remove trees until after you have harvested the Grove.


Looks like we have multiple threads now on this. You use the "move" tool. No clue why they did it this way... but they apparently did. Yet to do it myself... but play a bit with the move tool and see if you can get it figured out. Otherwise... go find one of the other threads where someone that has done it explains it better.


I dont know, I hope its possible?

Dont know what I think about this item, is it nessesary?........

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