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Question-whiteremoving trees from groves

by Danijela Scrobogna CL - Mar 03, 2013 Star_s8,050 views

how do I remove trees from the grove

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12-em-plus add reply

Use the move tool do not right click. When you use the move tool the four plots will show up on Zynga or FB!


The trick is, you have to wait until after harvest :) When they are growing fruits, you can't move them :)


I found that if you are on the Zygna site you cannot remove the trees. But when I log into Facebook, then I can remove them. I have spent HOURS figuring this out. Same for Coasterville, some plots cannot be unlocked through the Zynga site, but when in Facebook, I can buy them. No clue why.


all you have to do is click in the move button in your hot keys, the one with four arrows and then you will see four little plots inside your grove to move the trees out. or just right click the grove to move it and then click the multi arrow button at the bottom equals the same thing

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