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Light-bulbFarmville 2 error

by Corina Andreea - Mar 05, 2013 Star_s1,678 views

My Farmville keeps reloading and i can't play. What should i do? I have already tried to delete cookies and cache but still won't work. Also i have reinstalled flash plugin. Help please!

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can anyone tell why there was an error in my farmville 2 page when i open the game...???

it says like this ''The connection to was interrupted.''

is there any solution in this kind of problem or it just because of my connection cause i've try everything to get my game back..there no report from zynga also if they already block my ip for this game....


You will need to contact Zynga support.


Doesn't work, it reloads after half a minute or less. i can't fix it...


i did that, i even re-installed win7, i don't know what to do. i want to play!
i have noticed something strange,though! when i clear my inbox and it tries to load it always reloads when in the right corner appears the power option (30 power). and after that appears it always reloads, don't know what to do...


Did you have less in your inbox each time it reloaded? If so... It IS working. I am telling you... it is NOT a quick fix. I had to reload and keep clicking messages about 6 times... most of them the same dang messages I already clicked. I started with over 50 messages in my box... clicked them all and as soon as the box closed, it told me it had "turned the soil" or "had problem saving game" (not sure which). So I reloaded and had about 46 in my message box. Clicked all of them and it said it AGAIN as soon as I closed the box. Did it again. Reloaded with 38 messages. I could go on... but you probably get the picture. When I was down to about 5 messages, I clicked them and when it said the same dang message... I closed all windows, ran C-cleaner (LOVE that program!!!) to clean everything up and then reopened firefox and problem solved. Took a good 40 minutes. Pain in the arse. But better than a full day of no play while trying to get zynga to tell me what else to do!


@Colin Scholey : I am running Chrome but it won't work on IE or firefox either. I had no problem until yesterday when it started reloading.
@Robyn Barcomb : i tried your method and didn't work!


i had a lot of problems with the ee dongle im using......things have been much better since i doubled my ram to 2gb on this lowly xp running pent 4 only f£$k's up occasionally now :)

that and a 32gb crucial ssd for my pagefile........are u running firefox????


I just answered this yesterday:

(Alan may wish to merge these two threads)

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