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Light-bulbStuck on Level 148 for 3 weeks! HELP

by Ambrose Dixon - Mar 05, 2013 Star_s19,632 views

Have tried everything but can't complete the level! Depression is so close! has no tips, only a (not really helpful) walkthrough, i can find any good tips in youtube videos and gamersunite is my last hope! Please share any strategy that worked!

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12-em-plus add reply

This is how I completed Level 148, I was also stuck for 3 weeks. :) I however find most tricks and tips at crushingcandies most helpful. Wink


Hmmm. I just played through it twice. First time was fairly straight forward, second time was tougher. Essentially, concentrate on the column where the ingredient is. Try to get vertical matches which drop the ingredients further. If you can get striped sweets (vertical stripes) these clear an entire column and the ingredient falls in one move. Try to clear the bombs as soon as they come up. There are plenty of moves to get te ingredients down so the odd move or two to clear the bombs should t make too much Ida difference.

I always like to use the wrapped sweet / stripe sweet combo. It's very effective.

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