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Light-bulbLevel 82 help needed

by Lisa Berry - Mar 06, 2013 Star_s192,634 views

I can't even get close on this level! What is the secret??

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remove the obstacles and get the ingredient down.
Remember that for these black obstacles most combo combination wont hit them, if there are more than 2 rows, a vertical can only hit 1 row. Similarly a horizontal can only clear 1 black obstacle next to it. The only combo combination that can clear everything is the color bomb+color bomb combo.. While it is tough for this level to create that combo, keep this in mind as there will be one level which you need that to help you clear.

View here to see how the strategies are being used here, the most efficient and effective method http://candycrushsagabylengguanho.blogspot.sg/2013/06/candy-crush-level-82.html


Tried on PC many time but couldn't come close. Played on phone, as one poster suggested, in horizontal mode and beat it first try. The level on my phone played way different than on PC.


Yep - my pc does the same


PC version is doing the same thing to me also. Middle Columns don't fall. Can someone please let us know how to fix. I have deleted the game from Facebook and added it back in and still nothing is happening.Any help?? Thanks


My PC version does the same thing - middle columns don't go through. I would re-load the game if I knew how to do it without losing my existing record. Anyone know how? (Re: level 82 where iPhone apps don't work properly.)


Mine was doing the same thing... I just updated candy crush on my iPhone and it worked. The middle columns now shift like the video and the level is actually pretty easy now that it works.


That video does not help one bit! Read the other comments below! The middle rows do NOT drop thru like they do in your video! Only the outer left and right rows do!


It's all in the column shifts. There is a good explanation here.


play with your phone horizontal and not in vertical mode . I found the tip on another forum. I got through the level on the very first horizontal try. seriously. no idea why .


Same with me! My outside columns are only going through, not the middle ones??


On my galaxy note only the left two and right two columns allow the candy to go through the top. How do I fix this?


This doesn't work on my iPhone. Only the outside two columns go down on either side.


Hi just follow this 2minute vid.. It's an easy how to :)


Michelle, can't agree more! followed the same tip and passed the level! And if you need a walkthrough video have a look here: http://www.crushingcandies.com/candy-crush-saga-level-82/


Go onto facebook on your pc and download candy crush saga through facebook. then play on you pc. I beat it the first game! As long as your game on your phone or ipod/pad is connected to facebook, the facebook game you download on the pc will connect and be on the same level. I hope this makes sense.:)

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