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by Jamie Armitage - Mar 09, 2013 Star_s111,119 views

could someone please tell me if there is a way to get some free energy???...i really like playing criminal case but it sucks waiting till you get enough energy to play and then you go thru those so fast...i'm starting to get bored with it..i can't afford to buy energy like some people do...i can't go outside to do anything so these games are all i have

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12-em-plus add reply

I always get daily free energy from this bonus collector


Does skipping to the next day remove the "combo frenzy " since it would be over?


IKR but I just change the date or time of my phone. So it just skips to when I set it and I can get full energy


if you really like to play criminal case and want some free energy then send me your criminal case ID and Signature so that I can help you to get some free energy on criminal is my email-


I'm a new player I've become addicted so you guys can add me on Facebook if you like... Hassana Cromer


You can get unlimited energy by hacking it. That hacking app is game hacker. U can get it from Google play store.


I always get daily free energy from this bonus collector


All I do is change the date on my iPad to the next day and my energy is restored. I go from the 'score' page (the one that shows your final score and gives you the option of sharing with your partner) straight to my settings, change the date to the next day, and then go back to the game. The energy bar is full and I can continue to play.
I do it this way because going from the score screen and back allows me to continue playing straight away instead of having to wait for the game to restart and go through the whole start-up process each time.

It works for the autopsies and any other results you have to wait hours for. Change the date and they are instantly available.

*you don't have to change the date from that page, you can go from the map page or any other page, and the result will be the same *


Are you using a laptop or ipad? I'm asking because there is a glitch giving full energy with the ipad.


Dianne, it is spam, that last link by Margi, that is why it is dead. Look at my post further down, the info is there on how to get energy

Also this other post may help


Hi! I'd like to join your group, but can't find you...:). I'm not a techie, so could you help me thru the steps to join you?


I am probably a bit addicted already, and don't want to pay for energy, so...

On the right hand side of the game, on my PC anyway, there is a side bar area, here it shows "people I may know" I look at the avatars of the people, lots of the CC players have a CC avatar profile picture. I then roll my mouse over their name and when the popup loads, click on Add Friend, I do this a few times a day when I am playing

So far I am over 500+ friends, and ONLY Criminal Case friends. During the game I click on 'Ask Friends" for energy and within minutes sometimes, I have enough for another round, depending on time zones :) I also "Ask Friends" all the time, it is automatically sent and of course I always send cards and help others unlock next chapters.

Getting the 'Daily Bonus" helps as well, it also helps your team mates because if you are a daily player, they get 5 hints(or 100,000 points) per game, this can save them energy in the long run



They also post some form of bonus about every 24 hours there. If you share your level/rank up on that page as others have you will receive more cards as well

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To find free energy-
1. Try to collect the potato chips & orange juice on your home feed.
but its not worth it bcz you can only have 3 juice & 1 chips everyday.

2. Try to solve the forensic kiits as early as possible. But its will only give you 7-8 (if lucky 9) energy.

3. The best way to get the energy is to use your energy in such a way that you level up fast.
i.e. It will take a whole bunch of energies to get a 5 star in a scene. But after that you will get 20XP for just 5energy. Total 440XP from a total charged energy bar & level up. Then use the refill. It may sometime comes handy.

4. Best I think is to add Whole bunch of regular players who plays insanely 24 hours online ( I have at least 24 freaking guys on my list, it helps me a lot). They will continue to play & send you free gifts & cards.

5. If lucky enough you may complete your heart & spade collection for the juice & chips (no limit on getting it but hard to complete)

6. Get the daily bonus . Play regular , you get the meals.

7. Stay tuned with the official page of criminal case. Recently they gave away a full meal package free ( how generous !!! ) & daily you will get a lucky card or 5 free energy or coins as they wish.

these are the ways I know. I think you have a life where criminal case is just a game which is perfect not to give you addiction. Don't buy, don't get addicted, life your daily life & play it just to enjoy.


Thank you Koka Kola


you can go through the posts on the fan page

People post links with extra energy (20, juice).
You can also add people who play the game to send you extra energy 2 or 1 depending on weather you asked for it or it was a thankyou gift

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