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Question-whiteEXTRA LIVES, Where do they go?

by Sheryl Roberts - Mar 10, 2013 Star_s28,476 views

When friends give me extra lives, they never show up. Where are they and how do you retrieve them?

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I play on my mac. I have tried to not accept the free lives people send me because I know I already have 5, but when I go back to restart the game again after I've used my free lives, well, all those lives that were sent me they are no longer there for me to accept anymore. I've quit asking for lives becuase unless someone is online when I'm actually playing, I never actually get to use any of the lives my friends send.


This is the only thing I can say:)..


As far as I know you can only shut down the messages window and retrieve the lives later when you play your game on your phone. I play on my pc and if I shut down my message screen because I already have full lives then I can't retrieve it. Very frustrating when part of the game is to get friends to send you extra lives and vice versa. No wonder it takes so long to get through levels!


You can only have 5 lives at one time. If you have five do not accept the lives friends give you untill your lives are gone. I just close the window with the lives my friends have given me untill I need lives, when my lives are all gone I open the window saying I have mail and accept the lives...but only five if six (or more) friends have given lives wait to open more till you have used up the next five.


Yes, I'd like to know the answer myself!! Where are the extra lives friend send and how do you retrieve them???

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