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Light-bulbFree farm cash legit and using zyngas own advertising against them --- !! read on

by Joe Dennee - Mar 11, 2013 Star_s3,811 views

okay I have decided to teach you all how to get a bit of free farm cash on farmville, this works for other zynga games too so try it out have fun.. - Ok free farm cash method. first look for the green activity bar at the bottom of your game of when you click on an item from the wall feed.. then right click that bar and open in new tab.. Then open a word pad document .. then copy paste that address, in your browser to the document, now here is the tricky part , go to your facebook wall feed / timeline - right click on your big picture of yourself not the timeline but the image that is either your or what you put in its place. open in new tab.. you will see a link address in your browser page.. the last set of numbers after the . and before this - &type=1 is your user id. now take that and make a second link for yourself using , the first link you saved from the ad bar activity image thing.. copy it and paste then with your user id, put that in the place of the whole network user id after the = sign but before the & symbol make sure the thing is one complete link. now you have 2 links.. if you made this in a word document save this and then close it, reopen it again using wordpad .. which is included in all windows versions for free its usually found in your accessories.. under programs.. now you can click the link directly and it will open to your default browser.. now here is the fun part, you are going to be saving 2 more links to that document. click the green activity link in the tab picture, it will open a small window.. now from each of the first 2 links save under each one the one that opens from the first one. now you can only do one at a time, and they do run out by show up twice a day.. you can do the activity directly without the ad bar activity thing. just click on the bigger link you saved.. im on the east coast and i have it pretty well times, between 4am - 7 am they show up and then 5pm - 7pm they show up again.. East coast of the united states for those who are in another country.. anyway you can reload / refresh the actvity. if you opened it from the ad bar green thing, you click in the browser address and hit the F5 key on your keyboard, if you opened via the actual ad link that is longer , you can just click the refresh key .. ok enjoy..

ps. this works for all zynga games one they show the ads below the game.. looking for a coasterville ad to do this so if anyone gets one for coasterville send me the link. please i would appreciate it

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12-em-plus add reply

PS dont be in the game when you do the ads it seems to make them run out faster - enjoy


below is the link directly to the advertisements - however you have to replace the text i put in with your users id. simple and i explained how to find it already - Make sure there are no spaces. USER ID HERE&partner_config_hash=6411626cd4898b0d37e14226bd832eefbd7faf1a&timestamp=1359195899.700097&sig=13c8bae77830075406ed9c9eec6ba7684a742e6e910a7d9d82d51a4807554381&bid_info=1k13qzhdj0wygxv2rh5zehjo1pbc487j1d5znaq9p90ehd0vhvnri37hveh312ihza3f57ubyvonn9mofve3qqiuizm5i69mjm7u18be4wp0v77d4kp3hl47tymwhzn1njtbd53ek5uf39dzrodwgpms7mrtg0rlcy1i50ykcstdirk2x9qvqoz9szcqnu545um97i75zlyj4du4a8k06gx0ptb6yhyye5bghsl8fddiupoljh86nrcwo6pyw954k133jkbvbuiyi5agujm09jyid2pkogj7j6x4pxd2bobolgt97eh10mstm9emuuymiexhbyf072qqublqt37d6&gender=m&age=35&times_started=0&


ok to break it down
you will see a green ad bar below your game showing you free farm cash for an activity what you do is right click it and the open in new tab, then click on the new tabs green bar, and it will open the ad, then you using a word pad document which all windows users have this as a free program on your computer, save that browser address to your document , then go to your profile and right click on your actual picture, and open that in new tab, this will open just the picture and show you a big long browser address, at the end is a stream of numbers aka your user id. in the first address you saved in the document if you look in it you will see something listed as network id. this is a secondary code the ads assign to your account, your user id can be put in its place , by making a copy of that link you saved and then switch out the network id number for the user id number, all before the & symbol.. then save that too, this doubles the amount of ads you can do. This in turn will let you do them twice a day, respectively between 4am- 7 am eastern time usa, and 5pm - 7pm eastern time usa. click each link in that file ones and there you go it will open the link in your default browser, then when it says in the top corner of the advertisement that you completed your ad you earned your farm cash. See easy and then just hit the refresh/reload button on your browser or , the F5 key on your keyboard when you click in the browser address area

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