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by Melissa Vaught - Mar 11, 2013 Star_s72 views

My noble tree partners keep disappearing - I get one and then after a while it wants me to invite someone again. I do, get acceptance, and then they disappear again. Any ideas?

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I think what happens here is that the partners you invite do not accept your invitations. It sits out there for a day or so and if it is not accepted, it will drop and will prompt you to send out another invitation. Once a partner accepts, you will see his or her picture on the "inner screen" along with your own. If they have not accepted yet, their picture is just on the icon that you see in regular game view.


thanks - yeah I know you don't need a partner just trying to figure out why they keep disappearing. I'll try the stockpile thing - I usually just make and feed as I am able - these quests are pointless - I haven't even started the whole Pegasus thing - just more stuff to take up room and resources. It would be nice if these would give you something you actually needed like clay or amber or aquamarines - instead of wood or rep or xp - I've got so many things that produce wood its coming out my A$$...LOL


I usually get a little tree then just keep making the feed til I get a stock pile, just don't give that tree any! Even if I have to get another tree in the meantime just to get the forty needed then make a large tree with my daughter who makes some as well the same way. This works because you know already that you have enough I hate having the half grown things!


It's happened to me a lot especially on the presents and noble trees...If the partner has fed recently they should not disappear...I just kept re-inviting them till the item finished finally. I messaged the person as well telling them I had to re-invite them every few days... I think it is just a glitch in the game.
It got to the point I just made the trees myself and invited someone on the last feed or two if I felt nice!! lol You actually don't need to partner with anyone to make them..

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