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Light-bulbThe Butterfly Habitat

by Tonya Collins - Mar 11, 2013 Star_s787 views


Howdy Pardners! 

It's the great butterfly migration and they're landing all over the homestead.Build a Butterfly Sanctuary, collect rare species and bring new unique ones to the homestead. Raise Butterflies and send them on their way, but don't worry , they will be back next year! 

-Gated at level 18

-New free gift crops – Buddleia (8 hour harvest)

-New “injured” animal – Cocoon Branch turns into 1 of 3 variants of butterflies

-Uses left hand sideboard

Buddleia (Mission 3 drops butterfly larvae, Mission 5 harvest 40)
Mixed Tulips –(mission 3 harvest 40, Build 1 drops tulip cup)
Baby Carrots (Build 2 drops runway paint)
Snowball Pile (Build 2 drops pure water)
Sugar Cane (Build 3 drops thin sticks)
Sugar Plums (Build 3 drops prunes)
Red Clover (Build 4 drops wing strengthener)
Passion Flowers (Build 4 drops stiff leaf)
20 Adult Chickens (Mission 1)
15 Adult Geese (Mission 1)
30 Adult Pigs (Mission 2)
Adult Cows (Build 2 drops milkweed leaves)
Butterfly Tree (Mission 4 drops butterfly kisses)
Pine Tree (Build 1 drops carved owl)
Apple Tree (Build 1 drops book pages)
Oak Trees (Build 2 drops bark bits)
Grass (Mission 4 drops moss floor)
Wildflower (Build 1 drops pollen powder)
Rocks (Build 4 drops weight rock)


Stage One
4 Specimen Books - Crafted
2 Flower Bath - Crafted
5 Rearing Cages - Requests
6 Feeding Cups - Requests
12 Carved Owls - Pine Trees
12 Pollen Powder - Wildflowers
Crafting: Each Specimen Book requires 3 Book Pages (Apple Trees) and 5 Butterfly Book Covers (Requested)
Each Flower Bath requires 6 Tulip Cups (Mixed Tulips) and 6 Raindrops (Requested)

Stage Two
5 Landing Pads - Crafted
5 Butterfly Feeders - Crafted
10 Perch Posts - Requested
8 Workout Balls - Requested
15 Milkweed Leaves - Adult Cows
16 Bark Bites - Fully Grown Oak Trees
Crafting: Each Landing Pad requires 4 Runway Paint (Baby Carrots) and 5 Smooth Landing Strips (Requested)
Each Feeder requires 4 Pure Water (Snowball Piles) and 6 Feeding Tubes (Requested)

Stage Three
6 Sugar Sticks - Crafted
8 Wing Tonics - Crafted
10 Rearing Cages - Requested
12 Feeding Cups - Requested
15 Pollen Powder - Wildflowers
20 Butterfly Larvae - Buddleia
Crafting: Each Sugar Stick requires 6 Thin Sticks (Sugar Cane) and 6 Sugar Crystals (Requested)
Each Wing Tonic requires 6 Prunes (Sugar Plums), 6 Granny's Perfume and 5 Rose Extract (Requested)

Stage Four
10 Butterfly Gyms - Crafted
12 Butterfly Weights - Crafted
10 Perch Posts - Requested
20 Workout Balls - Requested
25 Wing Strengthen - Red Clover
16 Raindrops - Requested
Crafting: Each Gym requires 4 Stiff Leaves (Passion Flowers), 8 Wind Tubes and 6 Butterfly Bars (Requested)
Each Butterfly Weight requires 3 Weight Rocks (Rocks) and 4 Weight Nets (Requested)


I. Butterfly Migration
-Tend 20 Adult Chickens
-Tend 15 Adult Geese
-Place the Butterfly Sanctuary
Rewards: 500XP, 2 Cocoon Feed, 2 Wildflowers

II. Granny's Attraction
- Tend 30 Pigs
-Heal two Cocoon Branches
-Upgrade the Butterfly Habitat
Rewards: Wildflower, Buddleia, Crop Whisperer
Notes: Cocoon Branches are "healed" with 10 Cocoon Feed.

III. Collecting Beauty
-Gather 20 Butterfly Larvae
- Harvest 40 Mixed Tulips
-Upgrade the Butterfly Habitat
Rewards: Butterfly Tree, Crop Whisperer, Fully Grown Oak
Notes: Larvae comes from Buddleia.

IV. Migration Preparation
-Gather 8 Butterfly Kisses
- Craft 5 Incubators
-Upgrade the Butterfly Habitat
Rewards: Lumber Tree Serum, Doc's Growth Formula, 5 Red Clover
Notes: Kisses come from the Butterfly Tree, which was a mission reward from the previous mission. Incubators are crafted.
Each Incubator requires 5 Moss Floors (Grass) and 5 Insect Magnifiers (Requested)

V. Flutter Faster
-Harvest 40 Buddleia
-Collect all three kinds of Butterfly
-Finish the Butterfly Habitat
Rewards: Loverly Butterflies, Granny's Gut Punch, Anniversary Crate
Notes: Buddleia are a free gift. Butterflies are healed


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