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Light-bulbRabbit Hutches - What are your thoughts

by BettyAnn Botha - Mar 15, 2013 Star_s820 views

I do think this is going to be the next thing up - especially with Easter coming. I am allowing my rabbits to mature and stay on the farm to reap them for their fleece as I think we may need a stock of this when the release comes....

Also, as we all know, the spinning yarn thing is a complete time waster... Yawn.....

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I need a rabbit hutch desperately, the need to do this. I have 10 rabbits, 8 of which are prized, I need more animal room for cows though. :( lol


I was thinking that eventually they may have to create one building for all prized animals. The designs for prized storage buildings are cute, but when there is one for each type of prized animals they will take up a lot of room.


From what I heard from someone at Zygna, rabbits will be coming soon. I believe there was a debate about whether to do the sheep or rabbits first and, as you know, sheep won. I would LOVE to have a barn ( one that doesn't take up too much space! ) for my cows and horses They keep giving us all these things that take up room but, we have nowhere else to expand to yet and all these machines that require you to have approx. 10 animals per machine yet, we can not go over 45. I'm glad they came up with these prized shelters. They are such a blessing.


they need to add something for the horses and cows first they take up way more room. rabbit hutch would be nice but they take up minimal room.


I can see where a pottery kiln would fit but would we then have the kitchen, the workshop and the kiln for crafting? And then would they start a whole new track of pottery crafting - not just bricks? I don't know how a kiln would fit unless it has a permanent future in the game and not just part of a one-off quest...


I hope so!

BUT... we also need the pottery kiln that the mushroom quests require and that utilize the pig mud. The kiln itself does not appear to be part of these quests themselves, so that would lead me to believe the kiln would be part of a different quest set. I cannot see a rabbit hutch tying in with a kiln... but, unlike Zynga, I tend toward logical and rational thought. :P

I am positive a rabbit hutch IS on the way, and agree that easter would have been a proper time for release... but now I am not so sure. I guess we shall see!


It would certainly help!

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