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Light-bulbDominate the Sink or Swim Level

by Christopher W. Flom - Feb 21, 2010 Star_s2,510 views

I win 9 out of 10 times with these skills with any animal, though i can tell you now, pandas suck, never buy one, the rabbit and monkey are best.

#1 - The edge of the map is the hardest for others to get a hit on you, get there. They have a very good chance of over-shooting.

#2 - No wind = *63-*64 from edge to edge

#3 - From the left side of the map, the top of the chicken bone is *70. From the right, the crack in the tea cup is *71. The middle of the game board is roughly *77. Memorize and use these for reference.

#4 - Only make enemies with those furthest from you until the near end. For some reason when you do, people on your side don't tend to shoot you but rather use you as a weapon to take out other opponents.

#5 - Jump-shoot. This is for if your enemy blows out the floor on the right side and you fall down a hole and your enemy is at the far left side of the map. This means holding the "w" key (jumping) and try and aim with your mouse at the top of that jump. *61 is the best. Fire, then run for cover to the left in the hole.

These are just a few tips. comment if you would like more.

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12-em-plus add reply

it really works! yeah but in the wining times hes not right


this doesnt really work


o yea u probably lied when u said i win 9 out of 10 times i think it probably bull poo.this way u can attract other players...


u kno for #3 wat do u mean by that as in which spot r u supposed to be in


o yea. if its so hard to hit wen u on edge how come u say that the person on the edge could be hit at 63 or 64 degrees -_-


and they can fire bees goo and grenades...


but if you hide on the right side below, you will be hit buy a player with drill gun on the other side...its possible and i always do that to hit does scardy bastards..hihi


thanks. Yeah, when u use them, angle degrees appear


he means degrees


Chris, these are great! Please keep 'em coming :)
Can you elaborate on #2? This newbie doesn't quite understand it. Thanks!

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