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Question-whiteHow do I sell fame?

by Mandy Ward - Mar 16, 2013 Star_s602 views

I have collected the maximum 50/50 fame. Since then everytime I activate a mascot it tells me to "sell fame". I have searched everywhere but I still cannot find how to sell fame. Any ideas?

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12-em-plus add reply

The new mascotte will be released soon and you will need all 50 fame for it. I talked with Zinga about this and it has no use (besides the few items) to activate your mascotte, So save your energie and hospiltality with not activating it and wait for the new mascotte.

Goodluck and have fun playing.


You can sell your fame, by going to your inventory, typing fame in the search corner and press sell, but I don't recommend it. If a new mascot opens up, you'll have to start all over again. It probably sells for only max. 3 coins anyway.


i did what u said got exact amount and my fame still wont reset helllllllppppppp


How can you tell how many fame you have? I understand what is being explained about how to "exchange" different characters for different amounts of fame, but it says I need to sell it because it's full... what do I do now? TIA for help!


Oh and when you have 50 unlock the next mascot to continue getting fame for the next mascot!


I had this same problem. I found out that you have to get exactly enough to get the next mascot. If you have say 47 fame then you have to get out a mascot for 2 fame and use her then get out the one for 1 fame and use him. The you will get exactly what you need and it wont say you have to many. I was stuck on this for like 3 days! Lost 12 fame tring to figure it out! Hope this helps!

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