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Light-bulbHow to do level 82 - How to!

by Kaiwah Tao - Mar 16, 2013 Star_s189,374 views

This level is easy, IF you know how all the columns shifts..

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remove the obstacles and get the ingredient down. Remember that for these black obstacles most combo combination wont hit them, if there are more than 2 rows, a vertical can only hit 1 row. Similarly a horizontal can only clear 1 black obstacle next to it. The only combo combination that can clear everything is the color bomb+color bomb combo.. While it is tough for this level to create that combo, keep this in mind as there will be one level which you need that to help you clear.

View here to see how the strategies are being used here, the most efficient and effective method http://candycrushsagabylengguanho.blogspot.sg/2013/06/candy-crush-level-82.html


I agree, this level is so simple

just work in the center of the board and focus on making vertical combinations. That is it. If you get the ingredients to the left side or right side, then you are pretty much in trouble.

The ingredients will not drop to the sides if you stick to the middle. So focus on the middle and you will crush this level. Keep in mind that those licorice, candies can be moved by you so take advantage of that. Work on mixing striped candy with wrapped candies to get vertical combos that take out the center of the game board.



Gave up on my iPhone after a few days. Tried again on a PC through Facebook and passed first go. The rows shift differently on a PC than they do on the app which makes it really easy.


It's all in understanding the column shifts. There is a good explanation here.


My outside 2columns only come back to the top too how can I get
Around this or fix it I spend all my moves trying to clear black candy


only my outside 2 columns come back at the top? How do I fix that??


Your walkthrough is great, Kaiwah Tao

Here is how I did Level 82. :) 


Very easy how to .. Takes you 2 minutes or so..

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