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Light-bulbSave your requested Candy Crush Lives

by Revy Dee - Mar 20, 2013 Star_s13,313 views

When you begin to play Candy Crush, your lives are full. Do not accept all the lives in your email because they will be wasted. You can only use five lives at a time so after using all five, go back to your email and load five more. As long as you request lives each time you play, you will seldom run out or you won't run out as fast.

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12-em-plus add reply

I'm playing on a computer and dont have a email option in order to save live's sent to me, is this something I have to set up and if so how do I do it??


You may have to go out and re enter the game and only use them 5 at a time


how do you go back to your email I have tried can not figure out how to do it please help


Just do this.. Never have to ask for any lives orso..

Works if you've the Candy Crush app:)!


Can't find the inbox on facebook... so all sent lives are lost

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