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Question-whiteWhy did all my neighbors stop posting to my news feed??????

by Roxanne C Holt - Jun 04, 2010 Star_s961 views

no longer are any of my neighbor's gifts, requests, collections (nothing) posting on my news feed .... i must go to each of their news feeds individually; is this how it's supposed to work now?

Also, I installed the Gamers Unite tool bar (several days ago) and have yet to "snag" 1 item - it just keeps looking and looking and looking and looking ....... maybe it has something to do with no fville posts on my news feed??????

Thanks for any feedback you can offer, R

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@Teresa Donald - Thank you so much - you made me realize I had accidentally hid FV

Where would we be without GU and its fantabulous members!!!


You may have accidentally blocked or hidden your FV (and you need the feed in order to get anything)

To see if it's blocked:
Go to Account --> Privacy Settings...Click on the “Edit your settings” link under Block Lists (lower middle of page). In the Blocked Applications section, look for FarmVille. If you see the app, click the "Unblock" link

To see if it's hidden:
Switch your feed to 'Top News'...scroll down and click 'Edit Options' 'Applications' and if FV is there just click 'Add to News Feed'


Sometimes you have to click on the toolbar preference button (the little gear next to the gamers untie icon). When you do this it will tell you that you must be logged into facebook. I usually have to login 2x before it willI acccept it. Once it gets you logged in it just starts snagging everything. I hope this helps you.


I had an issue when I first started using the snag bar and it still gives me a headache... but I did notice that the red "snag or stop" must be on "stop" in order to snag. I hope this helps.

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