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1 Level 181 2943 people
2 Level 140 2418 people
3 Level 130 2315 people
4 Level 23 1803 people
5 Level 70 1639 people

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Level Check! We have tips up to level 723! Is there an even higher level? Awesome! What's the highest level? Should be higher than level 723!

Light-bulbHOW to DO level 29, 30, 33, 35, 65, 121, 147!, 97, 102, 133 AND MORE With actual explanation! - Candy Crus

by Kaiwah Tao - Mar 21, 2013 Star_s277,724 views

Hi everyone! There are a lot of vids on youtube for Candy Crush.. But noticed none of them are included a clear explanation and guideline!

First one is How to get free lives instantly without hack or whatever by the way....:)

Free instant lives, everyone can do it on their device:)

Level 29 with explanation

Level 30 with explanation

Level 33 with explanation

Level 35 with explanation

Level 65 with explanation:)

Level 82 with explanation

Level 147


And MUCH MORE on the Youtube Channel if you click on these vids..

NewFor more videos, please visit Gamers Unite! IOS Candy Crush Saga Level 82 Walkthroughs.

Help, I'm Stuck too!

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Help, I'm Stuck!

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Many people can clear a lot of levels in 5 weeks (the first 410 levels) through normal play using 2 hours each day. This can be translated to only 3 days if a people can withstand playing consecutively. With no cheats and no boosters used. First it is mainly about strategy and not luck, if you are stuck on any particular level for an unusally long time, what is 2-3mins reading an article that will help you from this level onwards. Read it and you will know why. http://candycrushsagabylengguanho.blogspot.sg/p/generic-strategies-for.html Once you are once with this, you should be able to understand what kind of strategy this level is about. Watch any video here if you still need to


level 29 with tips and strategies in the description - hope this helps!


These are just a few levels.. Click on one of the links and there are many more on that Channel:) Good luck everyone!


Sell my Candy Crush Saga´s Lives follow me @SoporteParaPc


Can someone help m with level 95!


Level 27! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNZNnMzePQo




More to follow on the channel though!

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