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Light-bulbJack's Gold - The Golden Waterfall

by Tonya Collins - Mar 21, 2013 Star_s2,073 views


A gal faked a wedding with Jack to steal Jack's wealth in a hot air balloon! She dumped some of it to escape over the mountains. Follow the trail of gold and find his treasure!

Find the strange places where Jack's wealth decided to clump together. See what amazing treasures Jack had accumlated on his travels. Get plans for a giant golden fountain, and receive a speedy new mount!

-Gated at level 20
-New free gift crop – Saffron (7 hour harvest)
-2 New coin crops - Okra, Kale
-1 wrapper
- New build - The Golden Waterfall

During the missions to retrieve Jack's fortune we're going to have a four stage "build", although like many recent missions it's not a build as much as a four step storyline.

Each section will be a stage of rescuing more of Jack's lost precious stuff, with us needing the standard mix of requests, crafting and, of course, some more of the homestead drops from various things.

What We Need: 
Okra (Mission 1 drops old rucksacks)
Saffron (Mission 2 harvest 15)
Spring Flower / Maize (Mission 2 drops lawn rake)
Kale / Mnt Blueberries (Mission 3 drops waterproof gloves)
Saffron / Red Roses (Mission 4 drops pruning gloves)
Marigolds (Mission 5 harvest 25)
Corn (Build 1 drops golden ring)
Basic Stills (Build 2 drops reinforced spring)
Silver Forges (Build 3 drops signet ring)
Sunflower (Build 3 drops shiny jewels)
Sparkler crop (Build 3 drops metal screen)
Spring Flower (Build 4 drops gilded lotus)
Wild Strawberry Bush (Build 4 drops sweet berries)
Goats (Mission 5 drops engraved watches)
Imported Silver Sheep (Build 1 drops balanced weight)
Persian Cats (Build 4 drops diamond tiara)
Oak Tree (Mission 3 chop 18 times)
Pine Tree ( Wrapper drops giant ring)
Fig Tree (Build 2 drops varmit treats)
Colorado Pinyon (Build 2 drops beaver statue)
Oak & Pine tree (Mission 2 drops shiny haystacks)
(Mission 3 drops sparkly mud)
(Mission 4 drops glittering debris)
Debris, any : (Mission 1 clear 8),
(Mission 2 drops shiny haystacks)
(Mission 3 drops sparkly mud)
(Mission 4 drops glittering debris)
Wildflower (Build 1 drops velvet pouch) 



Stage One
8 Sturdy Rakes - Requested
7 Soft Gloves - Requested
10 Velvet Pouch - Wildflowers
6 Gold Scales - Crafted
8 Empty Chests - Requests
30 Golden Rings - Corn
Crafting: Each Scale requires 3 Balance Weights (Imported Silver Sheep) and 2 Balance Scales (Requested)

Stage Two
12 Hard Pickaxes - Requested
10 Bow Saws - Requested
15 Beaver Statues - Colorado Pinyon Trees
6 Armoured Transports - Crafted
12 River Skiffs - Requested
20 Varmint Treats - Fig Trees
Crafting: Each Transport requires 12 Reinforced Springs (Basic Stills), 6 Basic Wagons and 5 Iron Cladding (Both Requested)

Stage Three
10 Gold Scales - Crafted
16 Wide Shovels - Requested
20 Signet Rings - Silver Forges
12 Rinsing Stations - Crafted
18 Loot Bags - Requested
25 Shiny Jewels - Sunflowers
Crafting: Each Scale requires 3 Balance Weights (Imported Silver Sheep) and 2 Balance Scales (Requested)
Each Rinsing Station requires 9 Metal Screens (Sparkler Crops), 6 Sifting Frames and 7 Well Pumps (Both Requested)

Stage Four
15 Armoured Transports - Crafted
16 Bear Muzzles - Requested
30 Gilded Lotuses - Spring Flowers
10 Bear Sedative - Crafted
20 Heavy Nets - Requested
20 Diamond Tiaras - Adult Persian Cats
Crafting: Each Transport requires 12 Reinforced Springs (Basic Stills), 6 Basic Wagons and 5 Iron Cladding (Both Requested)
Each Sedative requires 15 Sweet Berries (Wild Strawberry Bushes), 10 Big Honeycomb and 8 Sleepy Herbs (Both requested)


I. Yellow Brick Road
-Place the Golden Waterfall
-Clear 8 Debris
-Gather 25 Old Rucksacks
Rewards: 5 Saffron, 10 Escargot Boosts, 3 Grass
Notes: Rucksacks drop from oakra.

II. The Golden Ears
-Harvest 15 Saffron
-Search one Shiny Haystack
-Upgrade the Golden Waterfall
Rewards: 3 Hay Threshers, Drinking Fountain, 2 How To Jack Lumber Books
Notes: Saffron is a free gift. Haystacks drop from clearing debris and chopping Oaks/Pines and are healed using Hay Threshers which are crafted.
Each Hay Thresher requires 2 Lawn Rakes (Maize/Spring Flowers) and 2 Cord Cutters (Requested)

III. Those Dam Hoarders
-Chop Non-Sapling Oaks 18 times
-Search Two Piles of Sparkly Mud
-Upgrade the Golden Waterfall
Rewards: 3 Mud Sifters, 2 Golden Igloos, Regal Beaver
Notes: Sparkly Mud drops from clearing debris or Oaks/Pines and are healed with Mud Sifters which are crafted.
Each Mud Sifter requires 2 Waterproof Gloves (Mtn Blueberries/Kale) and 3 Rinsing Buckets.

IV. Rakin' In The Gold
-Tend Regal Beavers 5 times
-Search Two Piles of Glittering Debris
-Upgrade the Golden Waterfall
Rewards: 3 Debris Scroungers, Fancy Paintin, 2 Smoked Buffalo Boosts
Notes: You received a Regal Beaver from the previous mission. Glittering Debris appears from clearing Debris or Trees and is "healed" with Debris Scroungers which are crafted.
All Debris Scroungers require 3 Pruning Gloves (Saffron/Red Roses) and 4 Wood Shears (Requested)

V. What's Safer Than A Bank
-Harvest 25 Marigold
-Gather 75 Engraved Watches
-Complete the Golden Waterfall
Rewards: 3 Early Bird Boosts, Sphinx Chair, Fancy Bear
Notes: Marigold is a free gift. Watches drop from Goats.

Wrapper: Jack's Legacy
-Collect 5 bonuses from Golden Igloos
- Tend Fancy Bears 6 Times
-Find all of Jack's Treasures
Rewards: 20'000XP, 20 Horseshoes, Golden Stag
Notes: Golden Igloos and Fancy Bears are mission rewards. Jack's Treasures all drop from items on the homestead.

Giant Ruby – non-sapling Pine Trees
Perfect Pearl – Drinking Fountains, Sphinx Chairs, Fancy Painting, Golden Igloos, Finished Waterfall
Kingly Crown – Sparkly Mud
Royal Sceptre – Glittering Debris
Jeweled sword – Shiny Haystacks
Spanish doubloon – Adult Golden Sheep


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