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Light-bulbThe Price of Milk, Cheese & Wool

by Flotilla Meringue - Mar 22, 2013 Star_s254 views

Just now I felt a spreadsheet coming on for the cost of milk bottles in the game, and I found a few small surprises. I am actually very mistake-prone when it comes to arithmetic so, though I think this is right, someone more savvy should verify it. I'm at level 30 so these are just the dairy animals I can see.

(There's a TLDR in prose at the end.)

I'll sum up:

coins per milk bottle = animal price / milk bottles * feeds before prized

red goat: 75

white sheep: 180

saanen goat: 190

nubian goat: 200

swiss cow: 217

katahdin sheep: 230

jersey cow: 270

merino sheep: 390

longhorn cow: 400

la mancha goat: 458

feed per milk bottle = feed / milk bottles

la mancha goat: 3.3

all others: 4

merino sheep: 8

Then I thought I'd do wool. Same equation.

cottontail rabbit: 80

white rabbit: 126

angora rabbit: 128

katahdin sheep: 153

white sheep: 180

merino sheep: 390

Feed per wool:

katahdin sheep: 2.7

angora rabbit: 3.7

cottontail & white rabbit & white sheep: 4

merino sheep: 8

While we're at it, here's cheese. Again, this is the coins you spend for each single cheese.

red goat: 75

swiss cow: 162

jersey cow: 179.5

saanen goat: 190

nubian goat: 200

longhorn cow: 200

la mancha goat: 1375

and here's feed per cheese ...

longhorn cow: 2

jersey cow: 2.7

swiss cow: 3

red, saanen, and nubian goat: 4

la mancha goat: 10

So for milk, the goats look much better than the cows. Just as far as coins go, the red goat is the best deal. If you want 2 milk bottles per click, the nubian goat is cheaper than the cows that give the same... and they give less frequently, too. If you want 3 bottles per click, the swiss cow is not only the only one that does that, it's also cheaper than other cows. Or if don't log on too frequently, the katahdin sheep not only gives you 3 bottles of milk per click for just a little more than the swiss cow, it gives you wool, too... the cheapest and most plentiful wool, too, out of the sheep. And considering what she gives, the adult katahdin sheep uses some of the least amount of feed.

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