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Light-bulb3 extra moves given to you by friends

by Deborah O'Rielley Stein - Mar 23, 2013 Star_s54,828 views

On Level 147 and STILL have not figure this out... and now I need them. Where are my extra 3 moves that friends give me???? I need them on this level and can't figure out where they go or how to access them? I have 50 moves on this level and yesterday, if I would have had ONE more, I would have passed! Frustrating.. please help!!!

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12-em-plus add reply

My problem is that I receive the extra moves from friends, however when I click on them they never appear when I start the game.


I just learned that the 3 extra moves given by friends are to be used ONLY on the level you were stuck in when they were given to you.! So you can't chose where to use them.. They only work on the level you were stuck in when your friend gave them to you to help you pass it.! Hope it helps.! ;)


They just don't pop up on every level, I haven't figured out why or any way to get them into my desired level. 

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