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Light-bulbI'm stumped!!!! How do I clear the Center square on level 45?

by Cathy Starkebaum - Mar 23, 2013 Star_s62,110 views

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The standalone middle block can be cleared by 4 methods, vertical striped candy on the middle column, correctly positioned wrap+striped combo or color bomb + striped candy with the presence of mulitple candies of the same color as your striped candy either vertically or horizontally. Lastly a horizontal striped candy that is created either from the top and shifted to the same row, or being randomly created during domino effect. The jelly need to be hit twice. Its a hassle.
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use the candy that clears all of one color to clear the color of the middle candy


Hi this might help you out!:) A how to vid with explanation! good luck!



Nake striped candies to match so it takes out the center candy. 

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