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Light-bulbLevel 56... Argh!

by Tammy Plouffe - Mar 23, 2013 Star_s207,512 views

I have no idea how together through this with the chocolate growing each time I can't break!

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This is how I passed Level 56 in Candy Crush Saga. =) 

You need a bunch of striped candies to pass Level 56


I was stuck on level 56 too, but the strategy on helped me after it took a few tries. I beat the level with 3 stars.

You do need a little bit of luck with the way candies fall, but as long as you make striped candies in the top portion at the very beginning of the level, you'll set yourself up for success.


no use of this


"a few high powered combos should do the trick easily. however if you see my video, even multiple vertical striped candies can give u a good start.

sometimes do not be overly engrossed once you started below, at times u can make good specials if u see what came out on top too."

Watch it all here


Tammy! This might help you out! with actual explanation!



I am also having trouble. And all of my striped candies go horizontally instead of vertically. I don't feel like I have a remote chance. Have yet to get a chocolate ball - let alone two - let alone any of them close to one another. Gonna give up for a while.


combining two chocolate balls will clear all the locked candy and all the chocolate on the lower half.


hint: once you get rid of the last piece of chocolate, it will not reappear.

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