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Light-bulbDetailed strategies for Candy Crush Level 92

by Faithful Lee - Mar 25, 2013 Star_s486,126 views


Two main strategies for Candy Crush Level 92:
1) Move all the fruits to odd columns i.e. columns without empty block at the bottom
2) Open the passage of odd column by removing the black cross block and black spring block at the bottom.

To move fruit to odd column at Level 92, note these:
1) Start early. Try to move the fruit before it drops to the bottom. It would be difficult to move the fruit once it has reached the bottom. But it's not impossible. See my demonstration at 2:25
2) I found it very difficult to move the fruit horizontally if it has fallen to the bottom of the second or eighth column as the fruit can only be moved at one direction. I will simply restart the game in this situation.
3) I will group the fruits in one column. As shown in the video, two of my fruits are grouped at the seventh column.

To open passage, note these: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hVU35V3d8M
1) Black spring block will stop the action of striped candy (see 2:15). Better removing it before applying a striped candy.
2) Be reminded our target is to move the fruits to the bottom. Don't be side-tracked. For example, at 2:35 there is a potential striped candy (4 candies) at the bottom of the third column. Don't be attracted to swap it. Otherwise, the newly created striped candy will block the fruit instead.
3) Because of the presence of the empty blocks, it's difficult to open the passage to the bottom by the ordinary 3 candies. I concentrate on creating special candies in the column at which the fruits situated. See my demonstration at 3:40
4) There is one useful skill as demonstrated in the second video (4:15). You can see that two fruits are waiting at the bottom of the fifth column. Instead of opening the fifth column, I activate a striped candy at the fourth column. The striped candy rush the bottom candies out. The fruits are also dropped down diagonally.

Have Fun! ^^

NewFor more videos, please visit Gamers Unite! IOS Candy Crush Saga Level 92 Walkthroughs.

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Hi Next to the amazing explanation of Faithful lee, this might also helps alot!
How to DO vid for level 92 with explanation:) Good luck!



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