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Light-bulbThe Lumber Yard - Lumber Storage

by Tonya Collins - Mar 26, 2013 Star_s3,561 views

-Gated at level 21
-New free gift crop – Foxtail Fern (6 hour harvest)
-New tree – birch
-1 wrapper
-Build a Lumber Yard to move trees off you homestead, and get 25% more chops & drops from the trees

It's time to get to work on the lumber storage folks have been asking for and build a new Lumber Yard!

We Will have four missions and one wrapper. The lumber yard is four step build with upgrades.
It doesn’t actually store trees, instead When we place the tree into storage the tree itself goes away and we are credited the tree's chops in the Lumber Yard, with a 25% bonus. So storing a Pine Tree will credit you 10 chops. Then, when you need to chop a Pine Tree you simply open the yard, select how many chops you want to use and BAM, tree chopped!
Different trees are opened up to be stored as we do the missions and originally we can store two of each type and can be upgraded to hold 4 of each.

That gives us between 40 and 60 chops for each tree type, including the new Birch Tree that's a mission reward.

We will also see a new type of injured animal , Tadpole Puddles which are healed with 10 Frog Feed until they become one of three Tree Frogs. WE WILL HAVE TO HAVE ALL 3 TYPES.


I. Free The Trees
-Tend 15 Pigs
-Harvest 20 Passion Flowers
-Place the Lumber Yard
Rewards: 200XP, 4 Frog Feed, 2 Fully Grown Birch
Notes: Pigs and Passion Flowers are in the market.

II. Gathering Logs
-Put two Fully Grown Birch Trees in the Yard and chop them 20 times
-Raise Two Tree Frogs
-Upgrade the Lumber Yard
Rewards: 400XP, 5 Foxtail Ferns, Granny's Gut Punch
Notes: When stored each Birch Tree gives 10 chops, you recieved two fully grown ones from the previous mission. Tree Frogs are bought from the market and healed.

III. New Growth
-Harvest 20 Foxtail Ferns
-Harvest 30 Blazing Stars
-Upgrade the Lumber Yard
Rewards: 5 Steel Forges, 5 Sieve Stations, 5 Bamboo
Notes: Foxtail Ferns are a free gift. Blazing Stars are in the market.

IV. Lumberjack Ways
-Harvest 40 Blue Corn
-Raise 5 Tree Frogs
-Complete the Lumber Yard
Rewards: 800XP, 5 Sieve Stations, Lumberjack Statue
Notes: Tree Frogs are placed from the market and healed with frog feed.

Wrapper: Gone Green
-Harvest 40 Foxtail Ferns
-Collect a Pine Barrens, Copper and Red Eye Tree Frog
-Upgrade the Lumber Yard 5 Times
Rewards: 5 Fully Grown Birch, 5 Lumber Tree Serums, 5 Rawhide Gloves
Notes: Foxtails Ferns are a free gift. Tree Frogs are placed from the market and healed.

Building and Upgrade Guide:

Stage One
4 Log Lifts - Crafted
3 logging Carts - Crafted
5 Axe Sharpeners - Requested
6 Cone Shredders - Requested
6 Lumberjack Snacks - Adult Chickens
10 Log Rolls - Fig Trees
Crafting: Each Log Lift requires 3 Skip Ropes (Sheep) and 4 Strong Pulleys (Requested)
Each Logging Cart requires 4 Goat Power (Goats) and 4 Supply Wagon Wheels (Requested)

Stage Two
8 New Trees - Crafted
8 Log Pulleys - Crafted
10 Strong Cables - Requested
8 Stump Removers - Requested
12 Rugged Rake - Sugar Cane
15 Twine Binders - Flax
Crafting: Each New Growth Tree requires 5 Sapling Starts (Cocoa Trees) and 6 Starter Pots (Requested)
Each Log Pulley requires 5 Lumber Straps (Cows) and 5 Hand Cranks (Requested)

Stage Three
8 Yard Signs - Crafted
10 Entry Gates - Crafted
12 Bark Removers - Requested
15 Branch Clippers - Requested
25 Sign Hooks - Bamboo
20 Wood Wash - Mixed Tulips
Crafting: Each Yard Sign requires 6 Hanging Bolts (Imported Tangerine Trees), 6 Sign Chains and 4 Advertisin' Boards (Both Requested)
Each Entry Gate requires 4 Stone Hinges (Sieve Stations) and 6 Gate Frames (Requested)

Stage Four
8 Yard Offices - Crafted
10 Finished Fences - Crafted
12 Stack Stands - Requested
15 Tracking Paper - Requested
25 Wood Tarps - Requested
20 Steel Barriers - Steel Forges
Crafting: Each Yard Office requires 4 Soft Seat Pads (Foxtail Ferns), 10 Sanded Logs and 6 Office Walls (Both Requested)
Each Finished Fence requires 2 Birch Boards (Birch Trees) and 4 Exterior Nails (Requested) 

Upgrade Stages

Birch Upgrade
2 Lot Shelters - Crafted
2 Yard Offices - Crafted
8 Bark Removers - Requested
8 Stump Removers - Requested
8 Lumber Straps - Cows
8 Tarp Straps - Hide Prepping Stations

Pine Upgrade
Upgrades the Pine and Pole Pine amounts
3 Lot Shelters - Crafted
4 Yard Offices - Crafted
14 Bark Removers - Requested
14 Stump Removers - Requested
14 Lumber Straps - Cows
14 Tarp Straps - Hide Prepping Stations

Hickory Upgrade
2 Lot Shelters - Crafted
3 Yard Offices - Crafted
10 Bark Removers - Requested
10 Stump Removers - Requested
10 Lumber Straps - Cows
10 Tarp Straps - Hide Prepping Stations

Willow Upgrade
3 Lot Shelters - Crafted
3 Yard Offices - Crafted
12 Bark Removers - Requested
12 Stump Removers - Requested
12 Lumber Straps - Cows
12 Tarp Straps - Hide Prepping Stations

Oak Upgrade
Upgrades the Oak, White Oak and Valley Oak amounts
4 Lot Shelters - Crafted
4 Yard Offices - Crafted
16 Bark Removers - Requested
16 Stump Removers - Requested
16 Lumber Straps - Cows
16 Tarp Straps - Hide Prepping Stations


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12-em-plus add reply

Any way to go back and replay the 1st mission to get the birch trees? I chopped mine down by accident before I realized I needed to put it in storage first. Don't find them in the market.


use the store button in Tools


cannot figure out how to move trees to lumber yard !!


@Chritina, The serum will also work on saplings to grow them to full size :)


Really a cute idea... Problems... No way to know how to store them unless you were lucky enough to store items and by accident clicked on that tree.. problem two .. tree was partially chopped so did not go in with 20 chops to complete request - No way to remove the tree to place syrum on it to then place back in to chop 20 and complete.. and that is just starters..

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