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Question-whiteLevel 109 help

by Shelley Blevins McDonald - Mar 26, 2013 Star_s410,636 views

How do I unlock the bombs?

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Use striped candies to unlock the Bomb! :) 


Hope it helps:

Candy Crush Tips and Tricks Level 109. To pass level 109, you must clear 9 jellies and get 40,000 points within 35 moves. Note that 4 jellies are located in four separate parts. You have to use Super Candies to clear them. Here are 5 tips to help you pass Level 109: - Tip 1: clear the bombs early by activating Horizontal Striped Candy in row 7 or the combo of Wrapped and Striped Candy in row 6 to 8. - Tip 2: activate Horizontal Striped Candy or the combo of Wrapped and Striped Candies to clear cages and jellies in row 3. - Tip 3: more time bombs will appear as you move, so clear them before they blow up! - Tip 4: individual Wrapped Candy and the combo of 2 Wrapped Candies don’t work well in level 109, so save them for other combos. - Tip 5: the best combo here is Color Bomb and Striped Candy. If you’re lucky, you can have it in the beginning to clear the bomb and most of the jellies. That’s it and good luck!!


:'( so sad... i died with one move left to finish the level :'(


I just want to add that such levels are never difficult, u just need to understand and know what is needed to do to clear any stage and work towards it. Tailor your game play towards that objective and subsequently you will know what u need to do in any level.

Give yourself a few mins to read this, and it will benefit you and save you countless months stuck in levels in no particular order


I agree that this level is really boring and completely down to luck. Feel like just giving up!!


horizontal striped candy is the key. It is all about creating specials or combos when you can

Forget about viewing my video, just understanding and applying the generic strategies consistently will get you through MOST levels, and WITHOUT BOOSTERS.


I hate this level. It's all down to luck on whether the combinations come up to get the bombs. Gets through lives very quickly and just makes the game boring.


Guess this will help you out!
Level 109 with explanation:)



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