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Light-bulbRaised Beds - The Spring Garden and Crop Storage

by Tonya Collins - Mar 29, 2013 Star_s3,027 views


-Gated at level 21
-New Boost - Crop mumbler - Doubles crop output for 5 mins (similar to crop whisperer)
-New crop on Free Gift Page - Compost Pile (5 hour harvest)
-New Coin crop – Tin Forge (12 hour harvest)

Build a Raised bed to plant all the premium/free gift crops from your inventory easily! You can plant up to 10 of each crop, with 8 bed/slots total. The reward from the late ramp quest for Monday will give you 10 more. You will be able to plant 20 of each crop in the 8 bed/slots. Crops will not wither, and you will not get groundhogs in your raised beds!
Monday's Quest (on bottom for April Fools - Prank box includes Alien Sheep, Green Mule or Orange Pine (decoration).

What We Need: 

Super Roses (Mission2 plant 5)
Super Roses (Mission 2 harvest 5)
Catnip (Mission 3 plant 10)
Compost Pile (Mission 3 harvest 20) new hs crop
Compost Pile (Mission 5 harvest 30)
Beets (Mission 5 harvest 80)
Passion Flowers (Building Stage 1 drops spring passion)
Mixed Tulips (Build 1 drops red tulips)
Basic Still (Build1 drops metal pipes)
Broccoli (Build 2 drops broccoli shoots)
Tin Forge (Build 2 & 4 drops tin sharks) new coin crop
Sparkler Crop (Build 2 drops straight wire)
Baby Carrots (Build 3 drops fresh carrots)
Bamboo (Build 3 drops cart handles)
Spinach (Build 4 drops spinach salad)
Hide Prepping Station (Build 4 drops leather pockets)
Gardener Cow (Mission 4 tend 8 times)
Gardener Sheep (Mission 4 tend 20 times)
Chickens (Build 1 drops unriched soil)
Cows (Build 2 drops superb oil)
Pigs (Build 3 drops pig pen slop)
Goats (Build 3 drops chewed tin cans)
Pine Tree (Mission 1 chop 16 times)
Cherry Tree (Build 1 drops cherry legs)



I. Above Ground Planters
-Clear 12 Rocks
- Chop Pines 16 Times
-Place the Spring Garden
Rewards: Unlock Raised Bed 1, 3 Catnip Crops, 5 Super Roses

II. Love Is In Bloom
-Plant 5 Super Roses
-Harvest 5 Super Roses
-Upgrade the Spring Garden
Rewards: Unlock Bed 2, 3 Compost Piles, Orange Tree
Notes: Plant the Roses in your Spring Garden.

III. Provin' It To Granny
-Plant 10 Catnip Crops in the Spring Garden
-Harvest 20 Compost Piles
-Upgrade the Spring Garden
Rewards: Unlock Beds 3 and 4, Gardner Cow, Crop Mumbler
Notes: Catnip and Compost Piles are a free gift.

IV.The Cow-nstant Gardener
-Tend Adult Gardner Cows 8 times
-Tend Adult Gardner Sheep 20 times
- Upgrade the Spring Garden
Rewards: Unlock beds 5 and 6, 3 Lumber Tree Serums, 5 Compost Piles
Notes: Gardner Cows were a mission reward and a premium market purchase. Gardner Sheep are in the Market.

V. Raised and Confused
-Harvest 30 Compost Piles
-Harvest 80 Beets
-Finish the Spring Garden
Rewards: Unlock Beds 7 and 8, 5 Brass Forges, 5 Crop Mumblers
Notes: Compost Piles are a Free Gift.

Wrapper: Prank You Very Much - PLEASE NOTE: This mission will release on Monday April 1
-Tend Sheep 200 Times
-Harvest Orange Trees 10 Times
-Tend all three Pranks
Rewards: 15 Horseshoes, 5 Crop Mumbler Boosts, Double Capacity in Raised Beds
Notes: Pranks come from opening the Prank Box from the Market.
Each takes 8 Funny Businesses that are crafted with 2 Rotten eggs (Geese) and 2 Whoopie Cushions (Request)



Stage One
6 Spring Passion - Passion Flowers
5 Flower Stands - Crafted
8 Red Tulips - Mixed Tulips
4 Raised Bed Stands - Crafted
8 Flower Mulch - Requested
8 Enriched Soil - Adult Chickens
Crafting: Each Flower Stand requires 3 Metal Piping (Basic Stills) and 5 Pipe Benders (Requested)
Each Stand requires 5 Cherry legs (Cherry Trees) and 6 Square Nails (Requested)

Stage Two
10 Garden Markers - Requested
8 Hand Shovels - Crafted
16 Superb Soil - Cows
8 Tomato Wire - Crafted
15 Gardening Hats - Requested
12 Broccoli Shoots - Broccoli
Crafting: Each Shovel requires 3 Tin Shanks (Tin Forges) and 6 Small Handles (Requested)
Each Wire requires 3 Straight Wires (Sparkler Crops) and 6 Wire Pliers (Requested)

Stage Three
12 Balancing Soil - Requested
10 Garden Carts - Crafted
15 Pig Pen Slop - Pigs
8 Watering Tins - Crafted
18 Mini Rakes - Requested
18 Fresh Carrots - Baby Carrots
Crafting: Each Cart requires 2 Cart Handles (Bamboo), 5 Cart Boxes and 7 Wooden Wheels (Both Requested)
Each Watering Tin requires 5 Chewed Tin Cans (Goats) and 5 Tin Cutters (Requested)

Stage Four
18 Weed Mulch - Requested
10 Gardening Belts - Crafted
12 Path Stones - Requested
8 Planting Tools - Crafted
25 Slug-Be-Gone - Requested
20 Spinach Salads - Spinach
Crafting: Each Belt requires 3 Leather Pockets (Hide Prepping Stations), 5 Needle and Threads and 8 Rope Belts (Both requested)
Each Tool requires 5 Tin Shanks (Tin Forges) and 5 Basic Grips (Requested)

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12-em-plus add reply

Gardner cows are available in the market for coins and come out fully grown.


I tried to store my gardener cow and it said report bug, refresh and now it's gone. It is nowhere on my homestead I've checked all the storage, and the inventory and It's GONE. I had tended it 2/8 times and will be unable to move on unless I get it back. Anyone know how to get it back? I am unable to email ZYNGA :-(


My raised beds have consumed my super roses, I planted them, but cannot harvest them. Therefore I will never be able to move on unless you can fix this issue. Thank you


Anyone else have a problem getting the tree from the prank box? The first box I received the donkey. The last 4 has been the alien sheep.


There is a glitch affecting many players causing them to disappear. Zynga is aware on working on a fix.

How do you harvest crops in your raised beds? I've planted 3 different times and they just aren't there any more when I go back to them. Yet, they aren't in my inventory any more!!
Thank you for any help, Lisa

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