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Light-bulbNeed help with Level 79

by Daisy Quintero - Mar 30, 2013 Star_s66,246 views

Please tips, I have spend almost a month on it and can not bitter

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I beat the level and got 3 stars, http://readygamer.com/candy-crush-level-79-tips/
helped a lot, and I just went absolutely crazy making every type of special candy I could at the very early stages of the level, not really caring what jellies or chocolates I cleared along the way.

Readygamer does a better job explaining what you need to do but that's the gist.


My friend Lea made this for me to help me get 3 stars. And after watching it I find the level fairly easy. =)


Here is a good How to DO vid for level 79! Good luck
Explained in a few minutes


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