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Light-bulbTutorial - How to use the EAABot

by Alejandro Retana - Mar 30, 2013 Star_s1,531 views

In this tutorial I will attempt to explain how to use a bot program (eaabot) to play the game Empires and Allies,I will show you how to set it up and I will make an example to demonstrate the basic plugin usage

step 1. Download the eaabot from its homepage,here: http://www.allbots.org/eaapage

step 2. Now you have a .zip file called EAABot0.42,so you need to extract it first (use Winrar or some other program to do it),once you have the file EAABotSetup.exe,double click on it to install it

step 3. Okay,you have it installed it,so now you can launch it from the main menu,from the icon on your desktop,or by double clicking on the EAABot.exe file found on C:/Program files/EAABot

step 4. Before you run the program you have to right click on the EAABot.exe icon and choose the option 'run as administrator',you can set it to always run as administrator by right clicking on the EAAbot icon on the start menu,select properties>advanced options> and tick the option 'run as administrator'

step 5. Once the bot is running,click on the 'start' button:

step 6. It will show you a screen where you can log in to your facebook account,so type in your email address and facebook password:

step 7. It will load the game,and on the log window you will see something like loading params...loading config...updating flash vars..updateXML..SqLite...,and things like that

step 8. Once the loading process is done,switch to the PluginsManager tab,you will see a list of the available plugins installed:

step 9. If none of the plugins installed satisfies you,you can add your own; first download the plugin you want (look for it on the internet),they usually come on a .rar or .zip file so you will have to extract it first,inside there is a folder with the plugin name,you will have to move/copy that folder to the EAABot plugins folder on C:/Program Files/EAABot/Plugins ,and now it will appear on the PluginsManager tab

step 10. Using a plugin is simple,just click on the plugin you want to use and set it to enabled (click on activate)

step 11. It will appear another tab with the plugin's name,click on it,you will see a description of the plugin,what it does,and the requirements to use it:

step 12. You need to select the item/unit/action that you want to do and save the settings if any (click on the 'save' button)

step 13. Now move back to the Main tab and click on the 'start' button,the bot will start to work

Video here: EAABot (yondaime plugin)

Note!! some plugins need special requirements in order to work,like a specific type of unit (BlueWarMap plugin),powerups and/or buildings

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12-em-plus add reply

@Joe Jackson, which browser are you using?

try this and let me know if it works: load the game on internet explorer and set internet explorer as your default browser,then try running the bot again


Hello Alejandro, I tried these steps but when I get to step 7 all I get in the log window is loading game params and nothing else. Can you please tell me how to fix this? Thank you


@Φώτης Μαγουλάς, @Dony Lope Anjani, tick the option 'active' that is below the plugin name


@ Alejandro Retana I have tried multiple times to make the plugin work, but every time I get yhis error message : Plugin is not set to ru. Aborting... I have searched in google but nothing. Any possible solutions ? (P.S. : I only change the cycles number in the plugin. The other options are empty : ZID, sell, coords, Visit or Not)

19:43:08 Images are up to date. (105440)
19:43:08 End saving user profile to local db file
19:43:08 Begin saving user profile to local db file
19:43:08 >Coins: 903,876 Wood: 34,550 Oil: 31,294 Energy: 34
19:43:08 Begin saving user inventory to local db file
19:43:08 Get Items Ninjutsu edition -> Plugin not set to run, aborting..
19:43:08 DoWork
19:43:08 x_flash_version = 11,6,602,180
19:43:08 Host = fb-client-zc.empire.zynga.com
19:43:08 EnergyMax = 60
19:43:08 Energy = 34
19:43:08 Inventory Status = 1,681 / 10.000 pcs
19:43:08 Nuke3 = 1
19:43:08 Nuke2 = 0
19:43:08 Nuke1 = 19
19:43:08 Energy25 = 0
19:43:08 Energy15 = 7
19:43:08 Energy3 = 15
19:43:08 Oil = 31,294
19:43:08 Wood = 34,550
19:43:08 Coins = 903,876
19:43:08 Cash = 7
19:43:08 WD points = 24,306
19:43:08 WD level = 23
19:43:08 XP = 12,035
19:43:08 Level = 43
19:43:08 Name = **********
19:43:08 FBID = ****
19:43:08 ZID = ****
19:43:07 Bot [Init 2]
19:42:45 Loading configuration.
19:42:45 Bot [Init 1]
2/4/2013 8:42:45 ìì
Bot ver. 0.42beta | Exe 7/11/2011 4:31:28 ìì


vedio ? plz


08:34:03 Get Items Ninjutsu edition -> Plugin not set to run, aborting.
when I had to activate it... please help. thanks


08:34:06 Images are up to date. (105440)
08:34:06 End saving user profile to local db file
08:34:04 Begin saving user profile to local db file
08:34:04 >Coins: 40,822,437 Wood: 609,757 Oil: 1,037,751 Energy: 27
08:34:03 Begin saving user inventory to local db file
08:34:03 Get Items Ninjutsu edition -> Plugin not set to run, aborting..
08:34:03 DoWork
08:34:03 x_flash_version = 11,6,602,180
08:34:03 Host = fb-client-zc.empire.zynga.com
08:34:03 EnergyMax = 60
08:34:03 Energy = 27
08:34:03 Inventory Status = 8,955 / 10.000 pcs
08:34:03 Nuke3 = 0
08:34:03 Nuke2 = 0
08:34:03 Nuke1 = 1,375
08:34:03 Energy25 = 11
08:34:03 Energy15 = 15
08:34:03 Energy3 = 4
08:34:03 Oil = 1,037,751
08:34:03 Wood = 609,757
08:34:03 Coins = 40,822,437
08:34:03 Cash = 10
08:34:03 WD points = 588,922
08:34:03 WD level = 96
08:34:03 XP = 248,882
08:34:03 Level = 85
08:34:03 Name =
08:34:03 FBID = 100000224140224
08:34:03 ZID = 20120119840
08:34:02 Bot [Init 2]
08:33:54 Loading configuration.
08:33:54 Bot [Init 1]
3/31/2013 7:33:54 PM
Bot ver. 0.42beta | Exe 11/7/2011 4:31:28 PM
.....always like that,,, why???
but the unit I made none in inventory,,, .. I did not succeed.

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