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Light-bulbBess Missions - need to know what missions are worth please

by Tigger McTiggerton - Mar 31, 2013 Star_s171 views

Is there any way we can find out how much bess love for example we get for each mission. I finished these a long time ago but one of my outstanding missions is to get so much Bess love. I have clicked on a couple of missions to do again one is worth 10 and the other is about 30 I think but I need about another 200 Bess love to complete the darn thing - if anyone has any ideas or can help I would be very grateful X

Thanks all XXXx

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12-em-plus add reply

You can find out information on missions by going to the missions requirements that are always stickied up above, the older missions are listed with a link to the info


Thank you will give it a go :)


I think the easiest way to get more points was doing more injured animals

Tree Swallow = 85 Bess Love (10 warm blankets needed to heal)
White Bobcat = 25 Bess Love (10 kitty cough syrup needed to heal)

You can get the syrups/blankets sometimes now in the animal habitat

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