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Question-whiteCandy Crush Level 97 Cannot get past...HELP!!

by Barbe Hayes - Apr 02, 2013 Star_s185,458 views

Have tried looking for other hints...Highest score I've had is 92,000+ Need help

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LISTEN! get a color bomb candy and mix it with a POP wraped candy (if u know what im sayin lol...i mixed those 2 and it gave me 80,000 in one shot..no bull just tryna help <3 godluck ps do keep an eye out on the timer though. i just so happend to get lucky with the 2


Many people are still stuck on this level, the basics are shown in my earlier posting below. However after clearing multiple times again, I realised the most efficient method is to create color bombs 2-3 times and coupled with consistent clearing of time bombs. Again I emphasised that this is not the ONLY method, this is the most efficient method I discovered. The method you need to use depends on what is given to you. For the other methods refer to my earlier posting below or look at the generic strategies and video available here http://candycrushsagabylengguanho.blogspot.sg/2013_06_01_archive.html
A detailed post is written below


Seriously!! GO STRAIGHT TO YOUR PC! I was stuck on level 97 for weeks. I almost deleted the game because its just stupid that you cant pass the level. And I refuse to buy any extras. Reading up on any tips or helps, I followed advice to play on Facebook on my PC. Won in three tries!! And every level after has been so much easier than any level on the mobile version. Hooray! The game is fun again!
So...you can pass level 97 easily without any extras playing on Facebook on your computer not mobile. Good luck!


Alright everyone, after being stuck on level 97 for weeks I finally figured out what the problem was. There's actually a bug in the iOS version that makes it impossible to complete this level (and others like it as you progress further)

Before I mention what the bug is, there are several things you need to understand first:

1. You need to clear out as many Candy Bombs as possible, as these are your only way of getting enough points.

2. Throughout the natural course of this level there are NOT enough Candy Bombs to reach the minimal goal of 100,000 points. Meaning, there's a limited number of Candy Bombs that can appear during your 25 moves. Even if you manage to get multiple cascading matches, only a set amount of Candy Bombs will appear.

3. So how do you get the rest of your points you ask? Well, you need to match a Candy Bomb with a Color Bomb. This will turn the same-colored candies into Candy Bombs and automatically clear them. Allowing you to easily rake in huge amounts of points.


Which leads me to the nasty bug that's been driving me nuts for weeks. In the iOS version (iPhone, iPad, iPod) matching a Candy Bomb with a Color Bomb does NOT create more Candy Bombs. Instead it just clears the same-colored candies, hardly giving you any points.

So in order to pass this level (and similar ones like it) you MUST instead play this level on Facebook. (note: it's unconfirmed whether or not this bug also exists on Android devices)


I hope this helps others who have been pulling their hair out in frustration like I was.


This is a stage whereby people are stuck due to high scores required. One of the first few levels whereby high score is required.
By understanding a few basics, you would be able to clear it fast.
1. Clearing a bomb gives you 3000 points
2. Making a wrap+striped and in the process clearing 1 bomb gives u at least 10k points
3. Making a wrap+striped and in the process clearing more than 1 bomb gives u even more points (going by geometric mean)
So, make as many special along the way, clear as much of time bomb. For this level even a high 3 start is possible.

Refresh up on the generic strategies required for clearing MOST levels for candy crush too here. http://candycrushsagabylengguanho.blogspot.sg/2013/06/candy-crush-saga-level-97.html
There is no need for you to follow my video, if you understood the generic strategies, which is more important, followed by what that is written above. The video only serves to show you how those strategies are being applied.


The answer was simple once I discovered it. Just pop the bombs as soon as possible, I got through the level on those points alone, along with the inevitable cascading.


The striped and the bubble gum one together gives around 10,000. Nothing gives more points than that combo. That's how you beat this level, by making as many of those as you can. It's the one that combines to make a huge candy that goes sideways and then up and down. Good Luck.


It hasn't been 5 minutes that I passed it - been there over a month.
Then I figured out that the only thing that gives enough points is to CRASH A BOMB WITH A COLOR CANDY (that comes out of 5 candies ) !!!!!!!!! Every bomb in display is crushed and givesa 3065.. (?) points !!
The same goes for 98 and probably every level with bombs ??


Try to follow this new vid of level 97.. with actual explanation..
This might help you pass the level:) Good luck!

(youtube) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LzeT72ViPY



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