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Light-bulb"Accept All" button on the Request/1-Click Gifts page

by Angel Harrison - Apr 02, 2013 Star_s50 views

OK, I could be wrong, but I'm throwing it out there anyway. I play Castleville. Both on my laptop and desktop. I switch between Firefox and Chrome on both. The desktop runs Windows XP and the Accept All button APPEARS on the Request Page on BOTH browsers listed above. My laptop runs Windows7 and the Accept All button DOES NOT appear on the Request Page on either of the browsers listed above. Hope this helps. Oh...dont care if I get laughed at either. But hey, you never know til you try.

P.S. Request Page=1-Click Gifts Page. Some, I noticed are confused about that as I was, because FB still calls it the Request Page, so I thought I'd clarify. Thanks for your time and Have a Good Day!

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I use Windows 7 and the Accept All buttons appear on all browsers for me. Nice thought, but that's not the culprit.

P.S. For further 1-Click Gifts help, please post on our 1-Click Gifts thread:

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