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Question-whiteMy posts are gone

by Holly Tonge - Apr 02, 2013 Star_s89 views

Ever since Zynga made the change a week or so ago with how the game is accessed or whatever, NONE of my posts show on here!! Even if I click 'show the non-helpful ones'.

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12-em-plus add reply

Iv been doing that, switching between the two because i cant send requests to friends through facebook, just zynga, and have to do posts via facebook. silly this like its a pain in the behind and i forget sometimes and just hit post on zynga and its wasted!!


Glad it worked for you!


Jet Lane Lakey thank you SO much. You helped me a lot. You were right, when I post for thing from FB I can see those requests here. It for sure makes playing more complicated, but at least I know how to do it right. Thank you!!


IF you read their privacy settings statements you will find that with the new update it no longer posts to FB so therefore not here either..this is if you play on I tend to play on Zynga most of the time EXCEPT when I need to post for things I need then I have to play on FB. I really am not happy with that either. IF you are still playing on FB then check your privacy settings there and adjust.

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