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Question-whiteHow to remove Workshop?

by Raluca Horvat - Apr 04, 2013 Star_s3,509 views

Hello. I have two workshops and I can't remove them. Is possible to sell or remove one of them? Thanks!

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12-em-plus add reply

i have 20 red barns how do i remove them any codes for it


do you know if you can remove other thins such as the red barn im having trouble getting rid of them


Thank you very very much! I had 3 workshops and they were taking a lot of space.
One thing I might add. You don't have to rebuild a new workshop. X out of the prompt to build a new workshop when you visit a neighbor and go back to your farm. Simply "craft" something that would require the workshop and there will pop-up to place your workshop - already built.

Finally, I can get back to business!


Yes it is possible to remove Extra workshop from Farmville2 (100%)

First open Farmville2, Then:

1. First you have to download Cheat Engine (6.2 or 6.3 whatever)
2. Open Cheat engine
3. In Cheat engine there is a botton on top left (Computer on it)
4. Click it, and select process (Browser processes will be there, check them by Hit & Trial)
5. Means if you are using Google chrome, there must be 4 or 5 processes. For trail select first one by clicking open.
6. Then on right side of Cheat Engine you can see "Value type" select "String".
Scan typr will automatically change to "Search for text"
7. Now in text box above it, type "e_building_workshop"
8. Now scan it with button above it to scan.
9. As I have told earlier, if it fails again check by selecting another process from process button on top-left.
10. Once you successfully get the process, when you click scan button, you can see the all searched values in left side pan.
11. Select all values i.e. "e_building_workshop"
12. Now there is a arrow sign on bottom right.
13. Click it & all process will appear in bottom pan.
14. Select them all.
15. Right Click.
16 In "Change record"select "Value".
17 Change it to "e_deco_ranchhouse".
18. Minimise Cheat Engine
19. Now in Farmville2 go any of your friend's farm & go back to your farm again.
20. your workshops will disappear.
21. But you have to create another workshop to work as it removes both the workshops. :D Enjoy


The only thing you can do is contact Zynga Support and ask them to remove one.


Same is the case with me. I have two workshops and I want to get rid of one


Nope, as far as I know you are stuck with it :(

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